Roadmap for Reopening: Illness Reporting and Contact Tracing

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

A Message from Amy Bosley, Vice President, Organizational Development and Human Resources

As we conduct our phased Roadmap for Reopening plan, minimizing health risks to the Valencia community remains the College’s top priority. Protecting our community from the coronavirus requires we establish and implement detailed reporting and contact-tracing protocols for individuals who are working or learning on-site in Phase 2.

Today, I’ll share details on a new daily self-assessment that will be required for all employees and students coming to campus, how to report if you’re sick and explain how our contact-tracing protocol works.

Daily Health Assessment

All individuals, including employees, students and vendors, coming on-site are required to complete the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) self-checker for COVID-19 symptoms prior to arriving to campus, and, if appropriate after a self-assessment, stay home and contact a medical professional for evaluation.

To complete the self-checker, click the button below:Please answer all questions honestly — protecting the health and safety of the Valencia community is a shared responsibility. Depending on how you answer the questions, the CDC’s self-assessment may clear you to come to campus or direct you to stay home, seek medical attention or take other actions to limit the spread of COVID-19.

If you are feeling ill, please stay home even if the self-assessment clears you to come to campus. 

Seek medical attention immediately if the self-assessment directs you to do so. When you contact your healthcare provider, be sure to share that you were instructed to seek medical care by the CDC’s COVID-19 self-assessment and list your symptoms.

Illness Reporting

Valencia is here to support you if you do not pass the self-assessment, become ill, test positive, come in close contact to someone who tests positive or must provide care for someone with COVID-19. We will do all we can to make it easier for you to focus on taking care of yourself or your loved one.

If you are one of the employees working on campus and:

  • Your daily self-assessment indicates that you should seek medical care; or
  • You test positive for COVID-19; or
  • You come into contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus; or
  • You need to provide care for someone with COVID-19

please notify your supervisor and email Valencia College’s single point of contact for illness reporting and contact tracing at

This is a crucial first step toward keeping our community safe and limiting the potential spread of the coronavirus.

Our single point of contact for the College — including employees, students and vendors — is specially trained COVID-19 Case Manager and Organizational Development and Human Resources Analyst Tanya Mahan.

Tanya’s experience analyzing data, as well as her past roles working for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office as a 911 operator and investigative service officer, as well as the Casselberry Police Department as a community service officer and crime analyst, make her a perfect fit for managing our cases and conducting contact tracing.

To prepare for this role, Tanya has earned two contact tracing certifications, one from the CDC and another from Johns Hopkins University, as well as two Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act certifications. She has also completed Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act training.

As our COVID-19 case manager, Tanya’s role is to determine the likelihood that a person who has been on our campuses has, or has been exposed, to COVID-19. She will ask a series of questions to determine the person’s symptoms, potential exposure date or source and when and where the person was recently on campus.

What to Expect After Reporting Illness

Shortly after speaking with Tanya, an employee who reported an illness will receive a call from an Organizational Development and Human Resources (ODHR) representative to discuss leave options and work-from-home needs, as well as answer any questions about employee benefits, including health and mental health care.

The COVID-19 case manager will provide authorization for any person testing positive for COVID-19 or exhibiting symptoms one when he or she may return to campus.

Contact Tracing

Once a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 is identified, Tanya will initiate the College’s contact-tracing protocols based on when the person was at the College, what activities he or she was involved with on campus, who was in close contact with the individual and what rooms or spaces the person visited.

This includes activities such as, but not limited to:

  • Notifying the appropriate College contacts for further tracing, if needed — such as determining access to buildings or rooms via electronic means such as swipe-card records — to determine who else may have been in contact with the person reporting illness.
  • Contacting the individual’s supervisor, or if it’s a student, his or her professors.
  • Informing the Facilities team, so schedules can be revised and deep cleanings completed.

She will also contact all potentially exposed individuals to alert them that they may have been exposed, to ask about any symptoms and provide arrangements, if applicable, to facilitate remote working, leave or other support for any employee who is asked to self-isolate as a precautionary measure.

For a PDF on illness reporting, click the button below.To keep you informed, we have developed a webpage with facts on any and all positive tests affecting Valencia College locations so you can be aware and prepared. To view that site, click here.

Remember that practicing physical distancing, washing hands frequently, wearing masks that cover the nose and mouth, using proper respiratory etiquette (coughing into elbows, sneezing into tissues that are promptly placed in the trash) and avoiding gatherings of people in close quarters are the best ways to reduce your chances of being exposed to COVID-19 or spreading it to someone else.

Working together, we can have a safe and successful on-campus experience as we follow our Roadmap for Reopening. Valencia College is here to support you if COVID-19 symptoms, a positive test or close contact with someone who tested positive necessitates you needing to stay home.

For questions or additional information, contact Organizational Development and Human Resources at, or call the HR4U helpline at 407-299-5000, extension HR4U (4748).

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