Roadmap for Reopening: Phase 2 Reminders for the Fall Term

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

A Message from Amy Bosley, Vice President, Organizational Development and Human Resources

On Monday, August 24, 2020, the fall term began and kicked-off the full-scale launch of our Roadmap for Reopening Phase 2 plans. As faculty members and students returned to campuses for a limited number of face-to-face classes, our cleaning protocols were in high gear and signage placed across the campuses helped with directions and guidance on the new operations and  expectations while onsite.

So now that we are settling into the fall semester, I want to offer reminders on our established protocols and expectations while on campus. Phase 2 of our Roadmap for Reopening is still in effect for this semester and for the foreseeable future as we monitor both the external and internal factors outlined in our Roadmap for Reopening Plan for movement to Phase 3.

Please continue to follow these Phase 2 guidelines if and when you come to campus.

  1. Daily Health Assessment: All individuals, including employees, students and vendors, coming onsite are required to complete the Daily Health Assessment using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Self-Checker for COVID-19 symptoms prior to arriving to campus, and, if appropriate after a self-assessment, stay home and contact a medical professional for evaluation.
  2. Stay home if sick: Know the symptoms of COVID-19. Stay home if you feel sick and seek medical attention if necessary.
  3. Plan: If you will be on campus for an extended period of time, remember to pack a lunch or make arrangements for meals, as there is limited food and vending available on the campuses.
  4. Wear a mask: To protect ourselves and each other, all employees, students and vendors on campus are required to wear face masks that cover the mouth and nose while indoors and outdoors, where physical distancing is not possible.
  5. Maintain physical distance: When possible, please maintain physical distance of at least six feet and avoid congregating as much as possible.
  6. Wash hands frequently: Remember to keep hands clean while on campus. Wash hands regularly when on campus or use the readily available hand sanitizer when hand washing is not possible.
  7. Report illness: Valencia is here to support you if you do not pass the self-assessment, become ill, test positive, come in close contact to someone who tests positive or must provide care for someone with COVID-19. Please follow our illness reporting protocols and contact Tanya Mahan, HR analyst and Valencia’s specially trained COVID-19 case manager at or 407-299-5000, extension 3047 to report illness.

By acknowledging and abiding by these simple guidelines, we can help keep our faculty, staff and students healthy and safe. To date, we have 28 reported cases of COVID-19 at the College, with only eight of those reported since the start of the fall term. We attribute this low number of cases to our careful planning, slow and measured reopening of our campuses and adherence to best available guidance on reducing the transmission of the coronavirus.

Thank you for your diligence and vigilance as we continue in Phase 2 of our Roadmap for Reopening plans. You are our first defense in preventing the spread of COVID-19, and in keeping the Valencia community healthy.

For more information on Phase 2 and what to expect while on campuses, including what to bring and what not to bring, and required personal protective equipment, read the Guide for Returning to Campus or visit the Roadmap for Reopening webpage.

If you have questions or would like additional information, contact Organizational Development and Human Resources at or call the HR4U helpline at 407-299-5000, extension HR4U (4748).

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