September’s Student Health 101

A message from Dr. Kathleen Plinske, Campus President, Osceola and Lake Nona

This month’s edition of Student Health 101 is available online. Topics include:

  • Eat Well on the Go – Can you actually eat well while on the run? Get great tips for tasty nutrition.
  • Budgeting for the Year Ahead – Tips for budgeting, saving, and spending to make your money last.
  • Room to Study – Creating space to concentrate and study more effectively…no matter where you’re living.
  • Preventing Violence in Your Community – Learn how students come together to prevent violence – and what you can do to get involved.
  • Who Inspires You? – Find (or be) a dream mentor.
  • UCookbook: Fruit and Veggie Smoothies.
  • FitnessU: Benefits of Yoga.

Check it out and encourage your students to do so as well – they can access Student Health 101 through Atlas, under the Student tab, within the Wellness channel.

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