Seven New Faculty Fellows on East Campus

From left to right:
Top row: Diana Ciesko, professor, psychology; Alison Hammack, professor, mathematics; Michelle Mailhot, adjunct professor, music; and Kamran Qadri, adjunct professor, education
Second row:
Storm Russo, professor, business; Keri Siler, professor, mathematics; and Jonathan Territo, professor, music

A Message from Stacey Johnson, President, East and Winter Park Campuses

East Campus recently acquired seven new faculty fellows — each devoted to enhancing Valencia’s teaching and learning experience. These fellowships are all funded under the East Campus Title V grant, which will bolster student advising to help more students graduate and transfer to bachelor’s degree programs. The grant’s goals include new divisional advising models, aligning Valencia’s meta-majors with University of Central Florida majors, scaling university visitation programs (like SeeUCF) and deploying early alert strategies through faculty development opportunities as well as informed data decisions.

The faculty will serve in one of two groups, the Discipline-Based Mentoring Fellows or the East Campus CARE Fellows.

The Discipline-Based Mentoring Fellows will serve as leaders in a cross-functional team to design and implement a faculty mentor program. The program will enable students and faculty to form greater personal connections, collectively identify educational and professional pathways, and ensure graduation and transfer success.

The new faculty fellows are:

  • Storm Russo, professor, business
  • Jonathan Territo, professor, music
  • Michelle Mailhot, adjunct professor, music
  • Diana Ciesko, professor, psychology
  • Kamran Qadri, adjunct professor, education

The East Campus CARE Fellows will partner with colleagues to design faculty development opportunities rooted in CARE, or Continuous Assessment and Responsive Engagement — which is a faculty-led initiative aimed at establishing a systematic process for identifying and supporting struggling students. These fellows will design opportunities to refine CARE practices and build a data-based strategy for understanding the impact of CARE.

The new faculty fellows are:

  • Alison Hammack, professor, mathematics
  • Keri Siler, professor, mathematics

Please join me in thanking these faculty members who are going the extra mile to ensure our students’ success.

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