Software Purchasing: Now Easier with Latest OIT Updates

sliceAre you in need of new software for your department, but are not sure where to begin? Then, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) has a solution for you! In an effort to simplify the software acquisition process, the OIT website has been updated to include information regarding current enterprise licensing as well as resources for obtaining software for individual departments and employees.


The updated site now allows you to search a list of available software. Once you find the software you need on the list, simply contact the OIT Help Desk at extension 5555 for steps to obtain it.

If the software you are in search of is not listed, email OIT at for specific inquiries and be sure to include the following information:

  • Software manufacturer
  • Software title
  • Number of licenses required
  • Name of person requesting the software

“Our goal is to make software acquisition as easy as possible. With the updates made to the OIT website, software acquisition is now centralized. The updated site provides resources and information to simplify the process,” explained Carmine La Pietra, director of campus technology services.

Working with OIT to obtain quotes and information about licensing guidelines prior to purchasing software is a beneficial partnership. They can help you make informed and cost-effective decisions prior to your purchase, and often times, can obtain discounts for software purchased by Valencia.

From the OIT website you may also request software for use at home. If you or your employees have a business related need to work from home, software may be acquired by completing the online form.

For questions or additional information about software acquisition, please contact OIT at or at extension 5555.

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