Solar Suitcases: A Journey for Renewable Energy


This spring, students who were enrolled in the Introduction to Alternative and Renewable Energy course with Deb Hall, sustainability committee member and professor of electronics and technology, spent two months building several solar suitcases for nonprofit groups, including Action for Children in Conflict in Kenya (ACIC).

According to WE CARE Solar — a nonprofit group Deb has partnered with on similar projects — suitcases like the ones built by her students are portable power units that can be used in various medical and humanitarian frameworks. Solar energy is captured by panels and is stored within a 12 volt battery or put to work immediately by charging laptops and cell phones.

In June, Deb delivered the first of her students’ solar suitcases to Tim Blackwell, president of One World Sustainable, which is based in Georgia. Tim will meet with ACIC representatives in Kenya to deliver the suitcases this fall.

Lisa Macon, dean, engineering, computer programming, & technology, also reported in the Surveyor (the newsletter for Valencia’s Division of Architecture, Engineering, and Technology) that Dr. Hall is grateful to Hank Regis, professor of engineering on West Campus, who was instrumental in translating the user manuals into French for the nonprofit group Engineers Without Borders, who will also use some of the solar suitcases in Haiti at an orphanage.

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  • Anthony Beninati said:

    What a fantastic project, Doctor Hall; and you chose some very needy, worthy sites for the donation of these solar suitcases. Congratulations!

    Dr. B.

    AMWed, 31 Jul 2013 10:55:42 +0000Wed, 31 Jul 2013 10:55:42 +0000am13,10:55 am

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