Strategic Planning: Share Your Ideas in On-demand Sessions

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

A Message from Katie Tagye, Director, Organizational Design and Development

Yesterday, we kicked-off our Strategic Planning Idea Gathering sessions with a Forum focused on the goal area of access. This session was the first in a series that will be held over the next three weeks for you to share your ideas about how Valencia College can reach the goals in our Impact Plan. As shared last week, there will be a variety of idea gathering sessions and types of sessions where you will be able to let us know your thoughts on the goal areas of access, graduation, career credentials and transfer success, or all four.

On-demand Sessions are one of the three types of sessions offered where you can participate at a time that is convenient for you.

How can you access these On-demand Sessions and what can you expect?

There are three ways (options) for you to share ideas via On-demand sessions, and you may participate in one or all as many times as you would like.

On-demand Option 1 – Robust Ideas:
Have you had ideas bouncing around in your head for weeks, maybe even months or longer? Are you eager to share them and how they might connect with one of our Impact Plan goals? If yes, you can submit your idea using this On-demand Survey.

The On-demand Survey option for idea sharing will:

– Give you the opportunity to share as much information as you have about your idea. You will be prompted to answer these questions:

  • Briefly describe your idea.
  • Which of our Impact Plan Goal areas do you think your idea would support?
  • How will this idea support progress toward one or more of our College goals?
  • Each of our Impact Plan Goals contain Valencia’s commitment to equity. They set ambitious goals for students of all races and ethnicities. Please describe how your ideas help to support our institutional value of equity.
  • Are there any other thoughts you would like to share?

– Include as much or as little detail as you’d like. You are able to skip any questions and submit the survey as is.

To start the survey, click the button below:

On-demand Option 2 – Emerging Ideas:
Are you interested in thinking about potential solutions that could become an idea? Would you like to read the thoughts of your colleagues and see how that might connect to your ideas? If so, consider participating in On-demand Option 2.

Using Stormz collaboration software, you can share your initial ideas on virtual cards in response to questions that spark your thinking. In addition, all virtual cards posted will be viewable to anyone who participates, adding to the idea generation process. Watch this How to participate in Stormz video for an overview on the process.

Get started adding your ideas by clicking the button below.

This On-demand Emerging Idea session will conclude with an opportunity to give detailed information on an overarching idea. Throughout the period of idea gathering, you will be able to return to the survey to contribute additional ideas.

On-demand Option 3 – Team Session:
If you would like to have someone come to an existing team to host a session during a time when your team can meet, email your interest to Brandon McKelvey, assistant vice president, analytics and planning, at

So there you have it: three On-demand options and three different ways you can participate in addition to the forum sessions and brainstorm sessions. I invite you to take advantage of one or more of these On-demand options in a way that works best for you. Your participation and input is so important to this process. I do hope that you are able to add your ideas, thoughts and suggestions in one or more of the idea gathering sessions, as your input will help shape and inform our institutional plans.

If you have questions about these sessions, how to participate or the process in general, feel free to contact me at or Brandon at

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