Students Experience Technology in London


A Message from Stacey Johnson, President, East and Winter Park Campuses

Recently, 25 students and three faculty members returned from a week in London, England.

The study abroad program, which stretched from Tuesday, June 7 to Tuesday, June 14, 2016, was led by Heith Hennel, professor, information technology; Jerry Hensel, professor, computer programming and technology; and Wendy Toscano, professor, paralegal studies. 

The students examined how technology is used in London, while analyzing how businesses use technology to become more efficient and how technology better prepares employees for the demands of a globally diverse market.  

The group visited the EMC Corporation, a multi-national technology company, to learn how technology is utilized in the European markets and how businesses are preparing for Brexit, the departure of Great Britain from the European Union. The group also visited Audi’s Regional Headquarters to see how technology is being used to leverage customer engagement and sales in an urban environment. Students learned how Audi employs virtual reality to give customers a better idea of what kind of car and experience they would be buying. 

Throughout the trip, students were able to see how regular citizens use technology in their daily lives, as compared to back home in America. Student Clarissa Aguilar Medina said, “Aside from having learned how technology is advancing and playing a greater role in businesses in the UK, I earned a greater respect and a deep sense of empathy toward others who once felt so distant and far.” 

Students also participated in an assignment created by Jerry and Heith, called “Valencia’s Amazing Race.” This assignment was created to provide a unique way for students to learn about technology while having fun and being actively engaged with the city and culture. The students utilized technology to solve clues, complete tasks and race across the city. From Big Ben to the Queen’s birthday celebration, the students were able to see and experience much of London.

“We had a great set of students who were willing to learn about London’s diverse culture and history,” said Heith. “It was a wonderful place to visit to see how much of America has been shaped by our own British heritage.”

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