Students Violating our Code of Conduct? Issues in a Course? Know Valencia’s Resources for Student Dispute Resolution


Although student learning is fundamental in our work, sometimes complex or confusing situations arise for faculty, staff and students. These incidents lead to the use of established student dispute resolution resources, involving issues such as grade disputes and grievances, administrative complaints, discrimination/harassment complaints and other misconduct.

In these types of student dispute cases, there are resources available to report and help solve the problem.

The Student Dispute Resolution Web page, launched in fall 2015, identifies and explains the many resources available to faculty, staff and students on topics including final grade disputes; non-final grade and other academic disputes; student administrative complaint resolution; civil rights discrimination; sexual harassment/sexual assault; and student code of conduct.

In each of these areas, there are definitions, checklists to help you with the respective processes, online forms for your use in expressing your concern and references to the applicable Valencia policy.

In addition, information on Valencia’s Student Ombudsman program is available in the “Learn More” tab under Non-Final Grade and Other Academic Disputes area.

An Ombudsman provides a safe and comfortable environment for students to discuss complaints, concerns or problems privately. The Ombudsman acts as an independent, impartial resource to help facilitate a resolution acceptable to all parties involved.


The Ombudsman, by campus, is as follows:

East Campus

Lake Nona Campus

Osceola Campus

West Campus

Winter Park Campus

Feel free to contact your Ombudsman with concerns. For more information on the role of an Ombudsman, click here.

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