Study Abroad Leadership Program Redesigned

The Study Abroad Program Leader Certification has been redesigned from the ground up. In the spring and summer of 2017, faculty members Christy Cheney and Jerry Hensel partnered with Study Abroad and Global Experiences (SAGE), as well as Faculty and Instructional Development, to envision a new path for the Study Abroad Program Leader Certification. 

The redesign was prompted by the valuable feedback current study abroad leaders were able to offer upon returning from their respective experiences. Their insight helped the team identify new opportunities within the certification, including a course specifically designed to be inclusive of part-time faculty. Of the three courses, Stewardship as a Study Abroad Leader, which focuses on risk management, is brand new and appropriate for faculty interested in leading a study abroad experience. For those simply looking for an introduction to the topic, Introduction to SAGE, which also serves as the foundational course for full-time faculty pursuing the SAGE Program Leader Certification, provides a great spring board for part-time faculty interested in learning more about internationalizing the curriculum before they take a deeper dive into the 20-PD-hour course by the same name.

Across the three courses that comprise the program, participants develop in three key areas to fully prepare them to lead a Study Abroad experience:

Responsible Stewardship: Participants consider their motivations and examine strategies to mitigate risk while abroad as well as demonstrate a duty of care with students.

Interpersonal Leadership: Participants practice modeling effective communication between and within cultures and demonstrate the ability to support students’ emotional needs.

Global Competence: Participants cultivate discipline-specific, cross-cultural appreciation and develop a culturally sensitive mindset through exploring the global competence model.

20 hours of required courses are needed to earn the certification:

  • LCTS3315: Introduction to SAGE (six hours)
  • INDV3356: Stewardship as a Study Abroad Leader (four hours)
  • LCTS3316: Designing a Study Abroad Proposal (10 hours)

Looking forward, SAGE will be supporting more than 10 faculty and staff to attend the Florida Consortium for International Education in October to continue expanding Valencia’s horizons for international education.

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