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This summer, Valencia’s Study Abroad and Global Experience (SAGE) office worked with faculty to coordinate short-term, faculty-led, study abroad programs for students, to many different parts of the world. The charge: prepare students to live, work and collaborate effectively in a global community.

How is this accomplished? Students are immersed in countries with languages and cultures different from their own, and learn from experiences that promote cultural competency. Jennifer Robertson, director of Valencia’s SAGE program said, “study abroad helps students learn to appreciate and value different ways of doing things.”

Summer Trips

In May, business professor Lee McCain led a group of seven to Roskilde, Denmark to study global perspectives in event management. Deymond Hoyte, business professor, traveled to Shanghai and Beijing, China with eight students to study China’s economic, social, and cultural impact. Sasha Guerrero was one of the eight students and said, “China has taught me to be a holistic thinker and more appreciative of life.”

In June, Richard Gair, reading professor, went to Warsaw and Krakow, Poland to gain first-hand insight on Holocaust studies. Christie Pickeral, EAP professor, worked with the Orlando Diocese Mission office to bring nine students to the Dominican Republic to participate in a summer camp for children as a learning experience. Valencia student Kendra Davies expressed that her “experience teaching the children of La Cucerita and living and being a part of the village was single handedly the most moving experience I have ever had.”

Upcoming Trips

The SAGE program continues to foster real-life learning and life changing experiences. In December, Steve Myers, professor of science, takes off to study field biology in India!

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