Supervisor Summit Addresses Time Management

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

By Amanda King, Implementation Coordinator, Employee Development

On Friday November 13, 2020, the Employee Development team hosted the Supervisor Summit, which focused on managing time as a supervisor. During the Summit, supervisors examined current methods of priority management and learned about tools, resources and strategies to help them manage time and resources for their team.

Samuel Dunham, assistant director, employee development, kick-started the Summit by sharing timely updates, the first of which included the Roadmap for Reopening Town Halls for Spring 2021 term and an announcement of the Sabbatical Leave and Education and Professional Development Leave upcoming application deadlines.

Bettie Cooper, director, payroll services, shared important information regarding the new part-time payroll schedule in which part-time hourly, student and part-time hourly faculty pay will now be paid two weeks behind instead of three weeks. This change will begin Friday, January 8, 2021.

The core of the Summit focused on managing time and resources, which would be easy if we could solely focus on just one thing at a time. However, as supervisors we often find ourselves balancing multiple competing responsibilities and priorities all at one time. Time management is so important due to the constant change in the scope of work and our fluctuation of capacity for work.

Two tools were shared during the Summit to use when managing your time and that of your team:

  • Time Blocking Tool: Time-block scheduling is the practice of planning out every hour of your day in advance and dedicating specific time blocks for specific tasks and responsibilities. Use this tool from LinkedIn Learning to get started.
  • Delegation Planner: Choose a task that you can delegate to someone on your team, and use this worksheet from Franklin Covey to prepare for the conversation.

For more specific information on the session, please review the presentation. Additionally, we recommend continuing to explore the practice of managing your time and energy with a short article on delegating from Harvard Business Review, as well as courses from LinkedIn Learning, such as Recharge Your Energy for Peak Performance (51 min) and Enhancing Your Productivity (45 min).

Save the date for a virtual supervisor social on Friday, December 11, 2020, from 9 – 10:30 a.m.

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