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November Procurement News

Updated P-Card Procedure & Guideline Manual An updated version (3.6) has been posted on the procurement website for easy download. Please refer to the new version for any and all procedures and guidelines. The P-Card Application form can now be found in Atlas under Valencia Forms. Holiday Spending Just a reminder that operational money (Fund […]

July Procurement News

Week of July 30th – August 3rd Grant Approval in PaymentNet A new column has been added in PaymentNet to include grant approval. This box is similar to the purchasing box where procurement staff checks the box to approve the purchase. The grants accounting department will now be checking the grants box to confirm approval […]

Accessing Network Resources for Your Employees

In an effort to simplify the process for requesting or changing network resource access for your direct reports, the Office of Information Technology has created a new tool in Atlas, which is similar to the Banner Security Access Request tool that many supervisors are already familiar with. You can access both of these tools by clicking on […]

January Procurement News

Week of January 30th – Feb 3rd Ethics Valencia’s Policy for Code of Ethics for Public Employees (6Hx28:3E-05.2) states that employees should not solicit or accept any gifts of value, should not conduct business with the college in a private capacity, should not receive unauthorized compensation, and no employee shall disclose or use information not […]