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Managing Smart — Eight Tips for Constructive Conflict Man...

Valencia College encourages employees to express differences of opinion in a professional manner, thus promoting a productive and inclusive working environment. As a result, workplace disputes and conflict may occur. As a supervisor, one of your responsibilities is having crucial conversations with employees when the stakes are high, opinions vary and emotions run strong. To […]

What We Are Reading

The Little Book of Conflict Transformation By Dan Dutkofski, Dean of Fine Arts, West Campus Perhaps this has happened to you. At a conference, someone discovers that you work at Valencia and more times than not, the reaction is an overwhelming “it must be great to work at Valencia.” And the fact of the matter […]

A Letter from the Director of Employee Relations

Dear Supervisors, Joining Valencia College is a wonderful opportunity and I am honored to become part of this family as the director of employee relations. As part of the office for organizational communication and development, the purpose of employee relations is to assist in the employer-employee relationship, which plays an integral part of satisfactory motivation, […]

Michelle Sever is the New Director of Employee Relations

From Amy Bosley, Associate Vice President of Organizational Communication and Development I am pleased to introduce Michelle Sever, who joined Valencia as the director of employee relations on August 13, 2012. Michelle’s connection with Valencia started in 1996 when she began teaching as an adjunct instructor in the Criminal Justice Institute (CJI). She comes to […]

Supervisor Reflections: Navigating Beyond Conflict

By Renee Simpson I recently attended an interactive professional development workshop called Navigating Beyond Conflict, which is designed to support supervisors through the PDP cycle, where I had the privilege of observing and participating in an exciting learning simulation.  While the names associated with the scenarios (role playing activities) were new, the situations and feelings […]