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Seeking Faculty Volunteers for Collegewide Committees

A Message from John Niss, President, Collegewide Faculty Association  Over the last two years, your faculty leaders have attempted to reduce the number of calls for volunteers for collegewide committees. So hopefully this will be your one opportunity this fall to self-nominate to serve the College in this way. There are three opportunities. If you would […]

PREZ MEZZ: Rounding Up Students’ Attention with...

A Message from Lee Ography, otherwise known as Neal Phillips, Faculty Association President Yee-haw! Cowboy Lee Ography here — or Bib for short — reporting on the wild west of academia, where all sorts of troublesome critters are on the loose — from Pikachu to Charizard. Luckily, our amateur cowboys and cowgirls (who call themselves […]

PREZ MEZZ: Higher Education in the News

A Message from Neal Phillips, Faculty Association President Here’s a snapshot of all things governance and education for Where We’re at Wednesday: National The state of Arizona is one of three states that has legislation denying undocumented students eligibility for in-state tuition and scholarship eligibility, but, recently, the state’s Board of Regents voted to allow […]

PREZ MEZZ: Bring Video to the Classroom

A Message from Neal Phillips, Faculty Association President This Tech Tuesday: Technological Tip is brought to you in partnership with Josh Murdock, instructional designer/developer. Microsoft Office and Office 365 are an integral part of a faculty member’s toolkit to create a syllabus, create a course plan or even read this email. But there is much […]

PREZ MEZZ: Watch This Theatrical Thursday Video You Must

A Message from Jedi Master Neal Phillips, Faculty Association President In this week’s Theatrical Thursday, we journey to a galaxy far, far away to connect with Jedi Master Jeffrey Filko about his duties as the director of auxiliary services (The Force is strong with this one!). In the video interview, we learn about his work […]

PREZ MEZZ: The Governance Frontline

A Message from Neal Phillips, Faculty Association President In case you missed it, here is the outlook on the governance front: National: Regardless of your political views, Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine’s writing about making college more affordable, including a measure that would make tuition free for in-state students whose families make less than $125,000 […]

PREZ MEZZ: A Communication App That Will Blow Your Mind

A Message from Neal Phillips, Faculty Association President Good day! Ever wonder what it would be like to combine Facebook with Skype in an easy-to-use, free communication application? If so, then LINE is for you. LINE is a free application for Apple and Android devices that is used for instant communication. Users can easily exchange […]

Theatrical Thursday: DJ MLA Raps About Comma Usage

A Message from Neal Phillips, Faculty Association President Yo! Yo! Yo! The name’s DJ MLA — and I’m back on the scene with a rap for people who have trouble writing their momma. Here’s some help on how to use a comma. Check out my second video in the Theatrical Thursday series to watch me […]

PREZ MEZZ — Where We’re At Wednesday

A Message from Neal Phillips, Faculty Association President Keeping with all things legislative this Wednesday, just shouting out some recognition that Valencia is doing a good job — while trying to keep costs low and produce more graduates. According to projections, in 2018, 59 percent of all jobs in Florida will necessitate having a post-secondary degree, […]

PREZ MEZZ: Pennsylvania Neal Reports on Circle Maps

A Message from Neal Phillips, Faculty Association President Pennsylvania Neal here — reporting from deep in the jungle. This week marks the first week of our Theatrical Thursday adventure, in which I’ll bring you tips and tricks you can use around the College or, like in my case, the depths of the jungle. In this […]