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Digitalizing Lecture Notes – A Piece in the College...

By Rob McCaffrey As you may know, the college has put forth a lot of effort recently to make textbooks more affordable. Part of this is motivated by the simple desire to make college more affordable, but we are also being driven to some extent by state law, administrative code, and recent work commissioned by the State Board of […]

Faculty Governance Updates, October 2012

By Rob McCaffrey It’s warmed my heart to have some of you stop me in the hallway and ask about the video portion of these messages. I’ve actually had some technical problems, the upshot of which means that I’ve endured the work of creating a video without the reward of sharing it. Rest assured that […]

Instructional Affairs Committee Meeting Notes

By Rob McCaffrey Note #1 – Academic Dishonesty From the IAC Meeting on October 18, 2012 The deans of students made a recommendation to create a code in SPACMNT (a Banner report) that would allow academic deans to track instances of academic dishonesty over multiple classes. The goal of this would be to give administrators […]

Atlas Shrugging

By Rob McCaffrey Yesterday I was sitting in an Atlas redesign meeting in the West Campus Special Events Center with about 50 students, faculty, and staff to discuss what works, what doesn’t, and what we might do in the future with our much-maligned web portal. Before jumping into the discussion, we started by watching a clever video explaining the […]

Faculty Governance Updates, September 2012

By Rob McCaffrey Wellness/Benefits Fairs Soon, full-time faculty will receive information on how to enroll for your Valencia health benefits, either via The Juice newsletter or an email from The Grove. As in recent years, the first part of the enrollment process will be to fill out a health assessment (required each year), using information […]

Faculty Governance Updates, August 2012

By Rob McCaffrey College Calendar We now have a new events calendar with increased functionality, which will allow you  to sign up to receive updates from specific events, or filter events by categories such as faculty events, international events, or arts events. In addition, this calendar is compatible with Valencia’s app so you can receive event feeds […]

Faculty Governance Updates, July 2012

By Rob McCaffrey Post-Tenure Review In the June minutes of the Post-Tenure Review committee, you can see a summary of feedback we received on the flow of a proposed post-tenure review process. It’s been a challenge to find a summative review that we agree would be valid and transparent, but the committee will try to […]

Faculty Governance Updates, June 2012

From Rob McCaffrey Welcome back to those of you on break during Summer A! We missed you. I have quite a few updates, and I’ve tried to streamline the information via hyperlinks. You can also watch the video below for a quick overview of the information in this post. Call for Faculty Service Osceola Campus […]

Faculty Governance Updates, May 2012

From Rob McCaffrey Hello Valencia Faculty, It’s been a busy couple of weeks for us. Due to time considerations, this update won’t have a video counterpart. I’d like to update you on the following major points: Continuing Contracts During the week of May 21, faculty held three meetings to discuss an upcoming State Board of […]