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Featured Colleague — Jeannie Rodriguez

By Wendy Jo Moyer “I was attending school in the city during 9/11, and that day and the aftermath have become ingrained in who I am and my lifelong solidarity as a New Yorker,” shared Jeannie Rodriguez, who was born and raised in New York City. “When I first moved to Florida, I was a […]

Featured Colleague — Ozella Knox

By Wendy Jo Moyer As fate would have it, Ozella Knox began her post-secondary education at a community college. Those two years set the stage for her higher education dreams; however, as the first person in her family to attend college, she had very little guidance. “Remembering the struggle to get that AA degree, and the difficulty […]

Featured Colleague — Nikkia Gumbs

By Wendy Jo Moyer “Valencia signifies a place where all are welcome to continue their education,” praised Nikkia Gumbs. “What I love about the population we serve is that it is very diverse. It’s great to have students who come from such a wide variety of backgrounds.” And as coordinator, disability support services, Nikkia is […]

Featured Colleague — Shara Lee

By Wendy Jo Moyer John Cotton Dana, an American librarian and museum director, penned the now-famous quote, “Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.” And it’s the role of Shara Lee to encourage Valencia’s faculty members to “never cease to learn.” After beginning her Valencia journey with the faculty development team at the […]

Featured Colleague — Amanda DaGiau

By Wendy Jo Moyer “Amanda’s goal is to help students become successful learners,” shared her supervisor, Montez Bates, manager, learning support services. “As a Tutorial Center support specialist, she is always thinking of innovative ways to provide additional support to students.” A Valencia student turned employee, Amanda understands what students need to be successful. In […]

Featured Colleague — Nichole Merris

By Joy S. Jones “Valencia is a place for dreams to become realities. With its student-centric model, the heartbeat of Valencia is its student body. It is evident in the quality and magnitude of resources offered by Valencia that the signature of success for this College is the thriving of its students,” said Nichole Merris. […]

Featured Colleague — Lashon Henderson

By Joy S. Jones Reflecting on how she came to be hired at Valencia, Lashon Henderson smiles to think she found her job through the online job site, CareerBuilder. “As I was applying I thought, No one gets hired through CareerBuilder! When I received the call for the interview, I was in shock! I could not […]

Featured Colleague — Jennifer Mezquita

By Joy S. Jones “I believe that all students have the potential and talent to succeed. However, not all of our students have the same opportunity to develop those talents — and that is where our College comes in,” says Jennifer Mezquita. “The opportunity to serve as our students’ advocate and assist them in their […]

Featured Colleague — Naja Williams

By Wendy Jo Moyer With a mom and many cousins in the education field, it was a natural choice for Naja Williams to choose a career at Valencia. Now, in her fourth year at the College, she just took on a new role as a financial aid specialist at West Campus on Monday, January 11, […]

Featured Colleague — Kim Williams

By Joy S. Jones With the nickname “Miss Sunshine,” one can reasonably expect to encounter an individual with a bright and sunny disposition. And then there’s Kim Williams … On any given day, you can expect to find her to be warm, witty and wearing a standout fashion pin. Kim’s pin collection is one that just […]