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Featured Colleague — Lashon Henderson

By Joy S. Jones Reflecting on how she came to be hired at Valencia, Lashon Henderson smiles to think she found her job through the online job site, CareerBuilder. “As I was applying I thought, No one gets hired through CareerBuilder! When I received the call for the interview, I was in shock! I could not […]

Featured Colleague — Jennifer Mezquita

By Joy S. Jones “I believe that all students have the potential and talent to succeed. However, not all of our students have the same opportunity to develop those talents — and that is where our College comes in,” says Jennifer Mezquita. “The opportunity to serve as our students’ advocate and assist them in their […]

Featured Colleague — Naja Williams

By Wendy Jo Moyer With a mom and many cousins in the education field, it was a natural choice for Naja Williams to choose a career at Valencia. Now, in her fourth year at the College, she just took on a new role as a financial aid specialist at West Campus on Monday, January 11, […]

Featured Colleague — Kim Williams

By Joy S. Jones With the nickname “Miss Sunshine,” one can reasonably expect to encounter an individual with a bright and sunny disposition. And then there’s Kim Williams … On any given day, you can expect to find her to be warm, witty and wearing a standout fashion pin. Kim’s pin collection is one that just […]

Featured Colleague — Craig Oberg

By Joy S. Jones Craig Oberg serves as lead reprographics equipment operator at Valencia’s East Campus. About his title he quips, “it’s a highfalutin title for someone who makes copies — I’m the copy guy.” He chides that a day in the life for him is much like the copy guy in the Saturday Night Live […]

Featured Colleague — Michele Infante

By Joy S. Jones “I am truly blessed to be part of the Valencia family. I enjoy my work and my role in helping move our students toward success,” shared Student Services Advisor Michele Infante. Michele’s work as a student services advisor on Valencia’s West Campus involves assisting students with course requirements toward achieving their transfer goals, developmental advising […]

Featured Colleague — Juan Olvera

By Joy S. Jones “When I first started at Valencia, one comment that inspired me to make learning an always ongoing and never-ending value, as well as applying it to any challenge I faced, was when Valencia College President Dr. Shugart said that ‘Anyone can learn anything under the right conditions,’” said Juan Olvera. “While I […]

Featured Colleague — Melanie Rodriguez

By Joy S. Jones “I am very excited to be working as the career program advisor for our new Associate in Science in biotechnology laboratory sciences program at the Lake Nona Campus. And I love the culture and the welcoming environment for both faculty, staff and students at Valencia,” said Melanie Rodriguez. As a career program advisor, […]

Featured Colleague — Jim Inglis

By Joy S. Jones James “Jim” Inglis, professor of hospitality and tourism and program director for Valencia’s hospitality and restaurant management programs on West Campus, has served the College since the year most die-hard Prince fans looked forward to —1999. Since that time, he has worked to match industry with education. Prior to teaching at […]

Featured Colleague — Edwin Sanchez Velez

By Wendy Jo Moyer “Edwin Sanchez Velez takes the concept of playing together in the sandbox to another level,” shared Renee Simpson, assistant vice president, admissions and records, about how he consistently engages other departments and shares the work of his team. “He wants all the players to know what each other is doing,” Renee […]