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August 2022 – Hellos and Goodbyes

Welcome Poroshat Yazdanbakhshghahyazi, extension professor, math, Orange Sidi Baba, extension professor, math, Orange Kendra Hogan-Fawibe, coordinator, career program advisor, East Campus Ulysses Gonzalez, security officer, East Campus Ruth Martinez, security officer, Poinciana Campus Coretta Cotton, assistant director, equal opportunity, District Office

July 2022 – Hellos and Goodbyes

Welcome Winston Warren, professor, EMS, West Campus Ernest McDaniel, groundskeeper, Osceola Campus Mario Disla Chestaro, air conditioning technician, Osceola Campus Brenda Wright, interim AVP, financial aid & veteran affairs, West Campus Wayne Watson, groundskeeper, Osceola Campus Adrian White, academic advisor, bridges, West Campus Myeisa Campbell, staff assistant II, Downtown Campus Hezekiah Watson, security officer, Osceola […]

June 2022 – Hellos and Goodbyes

Welcome Danielle Akers, coordinator, college transition, East Campus John Suarez, staff assistant II, Davis, security officer, Winter Park Campus Lancelot Gooden, provost, Osceola and and Poinciana Campuses Timothy Flagg, talent acquisition partner, sr, District Office Miguel Oliveras, security officer, Osceola Campus Alene Diaz, security officer, Osceola Campus

May 2022 Hellos and Goodbyes

Welcome Todd Davis, security officer, West Campus Jibreal Battle, security officer, West Campus Jorge Mojica, master security officer, West Campus Lori Ettel, administrative assistant, academic dean, East Campus Joshua Adamany, financial aid specialist, West Campus Roslynn Carson,  administrative assistant, academic dean, East Campus James Kalbaugh, security officer, Osceola Campus Victoria Shirley, implementation coordinator, Winter Park Campus Darci Brammer, student […]

April 2022 Hellos and Goodbyes

Welcome Hadley Gifford, staff assistant II, East Campus Gustavo Urena, custodian, West Campus Iralisse Huertas-Agosto, staff assistant II, Osceola Campus Julio Rivera, security officer, Osceola Campus Ramon Plasencia, groundskeeper, East Campus Julie Nieves, career program advisor, West Campus Chante Rodgers, staff assistant II, West Campus Lisa Shrestha, director of compensation, District Office Florish Cruz, coordinator, college transition, West Campus Claire Arias, […]

March 2022 Hellos and Goodbyes

Welcome Roberto Maldonado, security officer, Osceola Campus Uchenna Ilojiole, business office specialist , West Campus Angela Rey, implementation coordinator , School of Public Safety Darneshia King, admissions specialist, Osceola Campus Wilfred Figueroa, accounts receivable specialist, West Campus Barbara Gallentine, workforce data analyst, District Office Larissa Garay, business office coordinator, Osceola Campus Marisela Juarez, career advisor, East […]

February 2022 Hellos and Goodbyes

Welcome Gabriel Burgos Lebron, groundskeeper, West Campus Kenneth Graham, air conditioning technician, West Campus Alejandro Evangelista, groundskeeper, grounds maintenance, Osceola Campus Jerry Mingo, groundskeeper, grounds Maintenance, Osceola Campus Christian Jackson, coord, valencia promise, take stock, West Campus Lawrence Hall, admin mgr, PCE, social media, CE Recruiting & Job Placement Rubyselda Moran, implementation coordinator Congratulations to our Retirees: Johnny […]

January 2022 Hellos and Goodbyes

Welcome Joseph Coll, professor, mathematics, Downtown Campus Robert Tuskey, professor, mathematics, Downtown Campus Grisel Vazquez, assessment specialist West Campus Jessica Meyer, career advisor, Osceola Campus Megan Kohr, coordinator, international students, West Campus Sol Cordero, staff assistant II, Lake Nona Campus Katriana Rivera, coordinator, career program advisor, Osceola Campus Katherine Duke, coordinator, program advisor, West Campus […]

December 2021 Hellos and Goodbyes

Welcome Maisen Santiago, security field supervisor, East Campus Victor Vargas, security field supervisor,  Osceola Campus Caitlin Dunn, employer relations, coordinator, District Office Eddie Stewart, security field supervisor, Poinciana Campus Alberto Vega, security officer, Osceola Campus Congratulations to our Retirees: Jean Marie Fuhrman, professor, reading, Winter Park Campus (Retirement Date: 12/25/2021)  

November 2021 Hellos and Goodbyes

Monday, November 11, 2021 Hello! Osilton Alves, lead custodian, West Campus Alba Bolivar Gallego, custodian, West Campus Jasmine Carter, academic advisor, West Campus Christian Conrose, applications administrator, West Campus Cari Costa, student development program advisor, East Campus John Dollar, master security officer, West Campus Charmaine Lowe, project director, YouthBuild, Osceola Campus Edgar Martinez, manager, academic […]