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Testimonial Videos Show How Faculty and Staff Are Using...

Thursday, January 28, 2021 By Sally Leslie, Campus Director, Faculty and Instructional Development When we decide to devote our time to earning a certification at Valencia College, we might seek out colleagues who have been there before us and ask them what the experience is like. Now, the LifeMap team has done this for you by […]

LifeMap Certification Reboot Allows You to Design Your...

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 By Sally Leslie, Campus Director, Faculty and Instructional Development The LifeMap Certification is Faculty Development’s longest-running certification, and with good reason. Not only is LifeMap one of your Essential Competencies, the LifeMap Certification set of courses offers faculty so much more than theory. Solid practices are explored and workshopped throughout the experience […]

LifeMap 2.0 Advising Model Published in ‘Academic...

A recently published book, “Academic Advising in the Community College,” by renowned educator Terry O’Banion, included a chapter on Valencia College’s developmental advising model and discussed the history, design principles and success of LifeMap 2.0. A chapter titled, “Life Map 2.0: The Evolution of a Developmental Advising Model at Valencia College,” was co-written by Ed Holmes, interim dean […]

LifeMap Certification — New and Improved Experience

Valencia College’s LifeMap Certificate has been rebranded and reshaped into a new, more user-friendly experience because it is now going cohort-free. The LifeMap Certificate is so much more than a collection of tools — LifeMap is a concept and this is why it is one of the Essential Competencies of a Valencia Educator. The LifeMap Certification is designed […]

2018-2019 Faculty Certifications Earned at Valencia College

A Message from Wendi Dew, Assistant Vice President, Teaching and Learning During the 2018 – 2019 academic year, 482 faculty members earned 542 certifications within one or more of the faculty development programs, including Associate Faculty, Digital Professor, LifeMap, Study Abroad Program Leader, Seneff Honors and Active Learning. From all of us in Faculty Development, to all of you, congratulations on achieving this important milestone. […]

LifeMap 2.0 Advising Model Presented at the 2018 NACADA...

Once again, Valencia has served as a best practice for other colleges and universities. On Sunday, September 30 through Wednesday, October 3, 2018, Campus Directors of Advising John Britt and Evelyn Lora-Santos represented Valencia at the 2018 NACADA (National Academic Advising Association) Annual Conference by presenting the LifeMap 2.0 advising model, which creates a personal connection by assigning program advisors […]

LifeMap 2.0 — Our Valencia Family has Grown

Front row, left to right: Erica Atterbury, Jessica Wooldridge, Alyssa Foxson, Swannie Gonzalez, Alex Torres-Hernandez, Lyndsey Durning, Natasha Maurice, Jennifer Zelek, Sara Thompson and Christopher Walters Back row, left to right: Hernando Otero, Samantha Ramos, Dan Smith, Steve Thorne, Christin Saro, Shari Hamilton and Nicole Burchette Not pictured: Chauntel Copeland, Chelsea Zern, Saige Liparulo, Sara […]

Carl Creasman Supports Student Success Using LifeMap

A Message from Stacey Johnson, President, East and Winter Park Campuses Are we concerned about our students and their academic success? Do we understand what is expected of us to help our students flourish in their lives and then, through them, encourage our community to flourish? These are two questions that Carl Creasman, professor, history, identifies […]

LifeMap 2.0 Proactive Advising: Strength in Numbers

Top to bottom/left to right: Benjamin Lopez, Michael Reid, Jessica Brown, Kerry-Ann Gore, Ross Laverdure, Raquel Morales, Hannah Jenkins, Kenyatta Joseph, Leonardo Rodriguez Braga, Katie Pedone, Nataly Lopez, Trish Anderson, Shanay Morris, Roxana Boulos, Andrea Villafuerte Narvaez and Sarah Ashby (not pictured: Emmanuel Cotto, Teanna DaPonte and Victor Rosario) A Message from Kim Sepich, Vice President, […]

LifeMap 2.0: Meet Our New Program Advisors

Left to right: Ed Holmes, Michele Infante, Courtney Demings, Ellen Rendle, Teresa Higginbotham, Mia Čančarević, Gabrielle Younker, Mary Asbury, Micheline Maalouf, Eliana Drupiewski, Chauntel Copeland, Lynn Desjarlais, Lateshia Martin, Maritza Gaviria, Lila Rogers, Gerardo Otero Soto, Celena Lue, Tina Crane, Evelyn Lora-Santos, Eva Alipieva, and John Britt A message from Joyce Romano, Vice President, Student Affairs […]