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Managing Smart: Take a Time-Out for Your Team to Reflect

By Jonathan Gosling and Henry Mintzberg Experts talk a great deal these days about the importance of action in managerial work—managers must be doers. That goes without saying. But they also must be thinkers. They need to take time to reflect on the meaning of everyday experiences. The Latin origin of the word “reflection” lends […]

Managing Smart: Be a Change Capitalist

By Christina Schlachter  Change is inevitable and constant in today’s workplace. Managers can either fight it or become part of the solution. To do the latter, you need to capitalize on change initiatives to show your value as a leader. Here are five powerful ways to be an effective change leader: Support organizational goals with […]

Managing Smart: Engaged Managers, Engaged Employees

By Jathan Janove The responsibility of full engagement does not fall solely on employees. An employee may be engaged in one organization or department and disengaged in another environment. Or, the employee may start off engaged and then slowly move into the disengaged, or transactional, category. Managers often hold the keys to whether employees are […]

Managing Smart: Hiring Assets

By Matthew Beecher   In recruiting, hiring managers often fill positions based on corporate-specified education levels and years of experience. This two-step checklist can give hiring managers a false sense of completion. When managers settle into the checklist mentality, they often fail to identify how the candidates can further enhance the entire workplace. In an […]

Managing Smart: Transform into a Great Leader

By Sam Standard, Ph.D. When it comes to leading, how good are you? I mean, really? As leaders, most of us take pride in our ability to work with others, be agents of change, and guide teams through the ups and downs of operational life. Typically, we have strengths and weaknesses. Transformational leaders admit weaknesses […]

Managing Smart: Mind Your Reputation

By Chris Komisarjevsky If you ask people you admire if reputation is an important component of their careers, the answer undoubtedly will be “yes.” Ask them how they built their reputations, and the response likely will include the time it took and how it needs to be guarded, recognizing that a good reputation can be […]

Managing Smart: Reduce Fear of Rejection to Increase Cont...

By Ann Tardy Every person wants to make a contribution but fears rejection of their ideas. The push of wanting to make a difference leads us to want to make contributions, but the pull of rejection of those contributions by our supervisors and peers can hinder progress. Leaders can help employees minimize that fear and […]

Managing Smart: Be a Stepping Stone

By Helene Lollis   As a manager, you travel on this path in your own career, and by taking key steps, you create structure for those high-potential employees who come behind you. By empowering others to follow your footsteps, you not only prepare them for success but also position yourself as a leader on a […]

Managing Smart: Stories in the Workplace

By Stephen Denning  In an era of accelerating economic and social change, the communication challenges facing managers are more difficult than they were a decade ago. The imperative for faster innovation, the emergence of global networks of partners, the rapidly growing role of intangibles, the increasing ownership of the means of production by knowledge workers, […]

Managing Smart: Life’s Hard Lessons

By Robert J. Thomas  Recognizing and discussing defining moments in your professional and personal lives make you a better leader. Those defining moments—called crucibles—can shape who you are as a leader. They ask leaders to step up and be someone or do something they have never been or done before. Leaders don’t become leaders through […]