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Register for the 2015–2016 Valencia Seeking Educational...

Left to right from bottom to top are SEED participants: Stanton Reed, Michele Lima, Rachel Luce-Hitt, Born Allah Rudy Darden, Marilyn Greaves, Veronica Brown, Tina Tan, Kevin Rushing, Merlyn Brito Rachel Allen, Marsha Butler, Liz Jusino Elizabeth Bryant, Mary Asbury, Micheline Maalouf, Kera Coyer, Misty Ellis, Liz Suarez, Celine Kavalec Angela Cortes, Hank Van Putten, […]

HR Topics: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion on Your Team

By Rachel Luce-Hitt, Coordinator, Diversity and Inclusion Diversity. The word has received a bad rap over the years. Often, it has been viewed as something that needed to be “dealt with” or “managed.” Diversity is not a problem; however, a lack of inclusion can be. At Valencia, we are taking a different approach as we move toward […]

First Valencia SEED Cohort Underway to Promote...

SEED, or Seeding Educational Equity and Diversity, is an international project founded 27 years ago by Dr. Peggy McIntosh of Wellesley College. It utilizes a cohort-based monthly seminar model with the intention of creating gender-fair, multiculturally equitable and globally informed educational spaces and workplaces. The monthly seminars deepen participants’ understanding of themselves, expand their knowledge […]

Valencia to Host Two-Day Residency for Dr. Peggy...

“I was taught to see racism only in individual acts of meanness, not in invisible systems conferring dominance on my group.” –Dr. Peggy McIntosh Valencia has the honor of hosting a two-day residency with Dr. Peggy McIntosh, associate director of the Wellesley Centers for Women and founder of the National SEED Project (Seeking Educational Equity […]

A Focus on Valencia Values, Part Two: Diversity

Valencia Values are reflective of our culture and guide how we conduct ourselves, the work we do and how we treat each other. Our values are the standards at the center of our collective character that guide our attitude and behavior. With the idea that our values shape and inform unique working principles within every […]