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Accessing Network Resources for Your Employees

In an effort to simplify the process for requesting or changing network resource access for your direct reports, the Office of Information Technology has created a new tool in Atlas, which is similar to the Banner Security Access Request tool that many supervisors are already familiar with. You can access both of these tools by clicking on […]

Supervisor Development Channel – It’s All in Atlas

The new Supervisor Development channel in Atlas is now available, serving as a convenient and informative resource to support your supervisory role. This channel is a unique resource that only supervisors can access, providing you with centralized development support for topics such as: The Five Essential Supervisory Competencies The Performance Development Process (PDP) Targeted Supervisor […]

Collaboration – The Second Essential Supervisory Competen...

Collaboration is a cornerstone in Valencia’s culture and the second essential supervisory competency. The collaboration competency includes a wide variety of attributes involving partnering, building alliances, looking for win-win situations, and promoting a participative process. The observable behaviors for this competency encompass creating and facilitating cooperation among diverse groups and individuals, demonstrating willingness to place […]

Managing Smart: Seven Strategies for Being Seen as a...

By Kelly Mollica Fairness is all about perception. You may believe that you’ve been fair to your employees, but what really counts is that they perceive you as fair. Here’s why: A climate of real or perceived unfair treatment typically spawns negative attitudes and destructive behaviors, such as low commitment to the organization, distrust in […]

Harvard Business Review Phone App for Managers

If you have an iPhone or an Android, check out this free Management Tip of the Day application from the Harvard Business Review. Five days a week, you will receive a short, practical tip that’s been adapted from a Harvard Business Review article. Downloading this app is simple and free! Just go to your phone’s app store […]

Supervisor Development Programs – Your Roadmap to Success!

No matter what level of supervisory role you are currently in, we have a program just for you. From new supervisors, to seasoned professionals who want to brush-up on the latest trends in supervisory competencies… you won’t want to miss these informative online courses and instructor-led workshops offered through Valencia EDGE. Foundations of Supervision Part […]