Talking Trash with Resham Shirsat: Single Stream Collection Recycling Containers Come to Valencia


Norberto Rodriguez, Custodial Services Supervisor, poses with new recycling bins made from recycled milk jugs.

A Message from Resham Shirsat, Director of Sustainability

previously published Talking Trash article shared our upcoming transition to single stream recycling, also known as co-mingled recycling. The request for proposal (RFP) closed recently, and we will identify a new common vendor for waste and recycling services in late August.

Until a collegewide vendor is determined, the allowable recyclable material streams will remain the same (aluminum, plastic and paper/cardboard). The only difference with the new services will be that all the recyclables can be placed in a single collection container.

With this change comes an opportunity to educate ourselves on proper recycling habits through upgraded collection bins with educational signage. Our hope is to increase participation in recycling and decrease the amount of waste going to landfills and incinerators from our operations.

milk-jug-recycle-270wThe design for the new bins has been finalized, and we have received two prototypes made from recycled milk jugs and produced by the manufacturer MaxR, for our custodians to try out.

The purchasing schedule below is based on need and is subject to change based on funding:

  • August 2016: West Campus and District Office
  • Winter 2016: East and Winter Park Campuses and the School of Public Safety
  • Summer 2017: Osceola, Lake Nona and Poinciana Campuses

The first of three purchases will be paid for with funding from the Chevy Motors carbon credit project, completed by Valencia Sustainability in spring 2015. Until the roll-out begins, the prototype bins will be placed in the break room of Building 14 on West Campus.

To keep labeling consistent, we will participate in a larger national initiative to simplify and standardize recycling labels. These Recycle Across America labels are being used at many corporations, institutions and governments. More information on labeling as a community effort to reduce waste will be coming in a future article.

If you have any questions about our upcoming waste and recycling changes at Valencia, or would like someone to come in to speak to your team about this topic, please contact me at or extension 1830.

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  • Karen Murray said:

    Thank you, Resham, for all of your greening efforts!

    PMMon, 24 Oct 2016 19:01:00 +0000Mon, 24 Oct 2016 19:01:00 +0000pm16,7:01 pm

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