Teaching On Campus? Remember to Report Any Student Illness

Thursday, February 25, 2021

As we enter into the second half of our Spring 2021 term, please remember to continue to follow our illness reporting protocols for yourself and your students.

Faculty and staff members who are currently teaching or working on-site during Phase 2 operations have an important role in ensuring Valencia College’s protocols for illness reporting are followed in order to keep both employees and our students safe.

If a student in your in-person course reports feeling ill, has a positive COVID-19 diagnosis or has come in contact with someone who is ill, please follow the protocols listed below:

Reporting the Illness for Students In Classes On Campus

An illness must be reported to Valencia College’s COVID-19 case manager if:

  1. The daily health assessment indicates the student should stay home or seek medical care;
  2. A student tests positive for COVID-19;
  3. A student comes into contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus; or
  4. A student is providing care for someone with COVID-19.

If you become aware of one of the situations above, immediately ask the student to leave campus and email Valencia College’s COVID-19 Case Manager Tanya Mahan at COVIDillness@valenciacollege.edu.

Your Role in Reporting the On-campus Student’s Illness
Once the student departs the classroom, your role is not complete. Please send a report of the illness to Valencia College’s COVID-19 Case Manager Tanya Mahan with the student’s name at COVIDillness@valenciacollege.edu or 407-299-5000, extension 3047.

Next Steps, Contact-Tracing and Resources
After reporting the illness, the COVID-19 case manager, with the support of Organizational Development and Human Resources, will direct the person who is ill on quarantine or isolation procedures as needed, as well as connect him or her with additional resources and support services.

The College has resources in place to support students, including COVID-19 testing and S.O.S. mini-grants to assist those with food insecurity due to a Valencia-recommended quarantine. As these mini-grants are usually only available once in a student’s time at Valencia, in this case, students would be eligible for one additional S.O.S. mini-grant.

Following the initial contact with the COVID-19 case manager and the student, contact-tracing protocols will initiate based on when the person was on campus, what activities the person participated in, who was in close contact with the individual and what rooms or spaces the person visited.

Returning to Campus
The COVID-19 case manager will provide authorization and clearance for the student to return to campus and notify the reporting faculty member(s) and deans when the student is able to return to campus for in-person instruction and on the proper protocols.

For a PDF on how to report student illness, click the button below:

Working together, we can continue to have a safe and successful on-campus experience for our students and employees.

For questions on illness reporting and contact-tracing, click here. For additional questions on COVID-19 and COVID-19 procedures, please email COVIDillness@valenciacollege.edu or contact Tanya Mahan at 407-299-5000, extension 3047.

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