The Art of Appreciation: How Valencia Badges Inspire Miguel Naranjo

A brief review of Coordinator, Career Program Advisor Miguel Naranjo‘s recognition page on the Valencia EDGE and you can tell Miguel is a well-appreciated member of our community. That’s because his page is loaded with badges of recognition from colleagues who took the time to say thanks in the form of Valencia’s virtual badges.

For example, Campus Director of Advising Ed Holmes has recognized Miguel with badges like the Learning badge for “helping other advisors on West Campus … learn about technology that will improve personal connections to students” and the Excellence badge in recognition of student feedback about Miguel’s willingness to help.

Commenting on his use of badges to acknowledge Miguel’s work, Ed said, “I wanted to show my appreciation for how deeply dedicated Miguel is to his role as an advisor. Miguel goes above and beyond the call of duty every day. The badges seem like a great way to pinpoint exactly how someone is excelling in their role.”

While he could have just sent an email or expressed his gratitude verbally, Ed says he likes the formality of Valencia’s digital badge system. “It is a more formal way to show my appreciation for great work,” he said. “It brings the recognition to the next level.”

As the receiver of these badges, Miguel agrees with the positive effects.

“Receiving a badge is exciting,” he said, “and receiving a badge from your director even more so. When I receive a badge, I feel like a valued part of the team. The badges let me know my efforts are recognized and, as a result, I feel a great sense of appreciation, value and added connection to those I work with. The badges motivate me to continue to work hard and be the best employee possible. I feel the badges have helped build a culture of recognition that in return helps boost my engagement, increases my workplace morale and encourages me to provide my students and coworkers with the best service possible.”

Interested in sending a badge yourself? Click here for more information on how you can implement Valencia badges in your work.

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