The Association of Valencia Women Is the New Face of Women’s Leadership

association-valencia-women-logo-groveA message from Carol Millenson, Manager, Continuing Education and Clinical Compliance, and Immediate Past President, Association for Valencia Women, (formerly American Association for Women in Community Colleges)

By vote of membership and support from senior leadership, effective Wednesday, July 1, 2015, the Valencia College Chapter of the American Association of Women in Community Colleges (AAWCC) is now officially The Association of Valencia Women (AVW).

As a chapter of AAWCC, Valencia has a long and rich history. The Valencia organization has provided significant leadership development and networking opportunities on the local level and participated in regional AAWCC conferences. Valencia’s AAWCC Chapter has grown under excellent elected leadership and notably created the Leadership Academy, which has now become PIVOT 180 in the growing arsenal of development opportunities offered by Organizational Development and Human Resources.

In an effort to determine our future as a Chapter, your elected Valencia Executive Committee has carefully reviewed our relationship to the national association. We have sought to learn the direction of AAWCC and to explore the trends and resources that might assist Valencia in identifying our next initiatives. During our review, we have arrived at several conclusions:


  • National AAWCC is fading. There are regional representatives, but our communication with them regarding our concerns has been met with no significant response.
  • Regional chapters and networks have all but disappeared, and the focus of the national organization has become very narrow and unresponsive.
  • National AAWCC currently receives a portion of our annual chapter fees per member with no return on our investment.
  • Valencia is the only Florida College with an actual chapter. Other representation from Florida is one or two members from an individual college.
  • Communication from the national office or regional representative is typically in the form of requests for the annual report and collection of per member fees.

Conferences and Resources

  • National and regional conferences no longer exist. In previous years, the only conference was so expensive that, as a College, we could only send one person.
  • National supports limited conferences for women college presidents, not including our women campus presidents, and are not showing support for women in general within the colleges.
  • National will not put a link of our website on the national site.

Your Valencia Executive Committee discussed our concerns with Valencia President Sandy Shugart, along with previous presidents of the Valencia Chapter of AAWCC, including Vice President of Organizational Development and Human Resources Amy Bosley.

Together, we determined that our continued association with AAWCC does not benefit Valencia’s chapter. As a College, we possess the leadership and talent to function independently of the national banner.

We look forward to our new and exciting venture as the Association of Valencia Women. We will invite your participation in the high quality programming you have come to expect from this organization. And, we will solicit your input and participation in the planning for our future focus during September.

Your 2014 – 2015 Executive Committee has agreed to serve an additional term to facilitate the transition from AAWCC to the AVW. Watch for membership information and opportunities for involvement.

If you have questions, please contact me at or extension 1870.

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