You Spoke, We Listened: The Check-In Process Revamped

A Message from Jenny Charriez, Director, Employee Development and Inclusion

Thanks to your valuable feedback over the past two years and your survey responses, we are pleased to announce a complete revamp of the Check-In process will take effect Friday, July 22, 2016.

check-in-logo-r2016-270wBased on the feedback we received, there will be three key areas of improvement:

  • The timeline will be more flexible by keeping the system unlocked and open year-round to promote more seamless usage.
  • There will be no formal Mid-Year Check-In, simplifying the process to two Check-Ins per year.
  • There will be no rating scale as the scale was deemed subjective and intimidating.

You spoke, we listened and heard that you would like the Check-In process to be a more friendly experience that allows you to document your conversations with your employees about their accomplishments and their development throughout the year. Therefore, the new, more organic Check-In process will look like this:

Beginning-of-Year Check-Inslice

  • The supervisor and the employee meet to discuss goals, skills to be developed and development opportunities. Since it’s currently the beginning of the 2016-2017 year, we recommend that you meet with your employees if you haven’t already done so.
  • After the meeting, the employee enters his or her goals for the year into the Valencia EDGE, along with the development opportunities discussed with the supervisor.
  • Next, the supervisor reviews the information entered by the employee in the Valencia EDGE and either approves or sends back to him or her for revisions.


Throughout the year, the employee will work on his or her goals and pursue development opportunities.

End-of-Year Check-In

  • The employee enters his or her accomplishments and progress on goals into the Valencia EDGE.
  • The supervisor and the employee meet to discuss progress.
  • After the meeting, the supervisor enters comments and feedback into the Valencia EDGE based on the conversation.
  • Then, the employee acknowledges the supervisor’s comments and feedback in the Valencia EDGE.

We hope you find this revamped Check-In to be a more streamlined and organic process.

There is a need for ongoing feedback between employees and supervisors, and what can make this process even more meaningful is a powerful set of questions tailored to individual employees and their growth. Rather than being a once-a-year experience, the new Check-In is now a year-round conversation that provides a place to say thank you and recognize the team member’s personal growth.

It’s also important to note that if performance problems emerge or continue, these issues must be handled in a timely manner, which sometimes means outside of the biannual formal Check-In times. For tools other than the Check-In to address performance challenges, or for questions on the Check-In, contact your campus director, organizational development and human resources.

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