The Resource Development Office is Available to Help You With Grants and External Funding Support

A message from Kristeen Christian, Assistant Vice President, Resource Development

Valencia’s Resource Development Office (RDO) is your point of contact for grants and all external funding that support the many innovative initiatives contributing to student success and our learning community.

The RDO team will help you explore grant ideas through facilitated conversations, identify funding opportunities and manage grants once received.

Valencia is high profile in the community and nationwide. This notoriety often leads other agencies and colleges to approach us for partnerships, collaboration and memorandums of understanding as they explore funding opportunities. While partnerships are highly desirable, it is important to keep RDO informed of such potential grant funding opportunities and any in-kind contributions that may result, as those must be reported.

We value our relationships with our business, college, workforce-serving and industry partners. These relationships allow us to leverage resources and create more opportunities for students and further the mission of the College.

As you continue to spread the good work about Valencia’s impact in the community, please remember that if you are involved or anticipate involvement in partnerships where any type of “value” is exchanged — whether it is cash, time or in-kind equipment or property — you must consult with RDO before a commitment is made or a proposal is submitted.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me at or extension 2909.

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