The Snacks Between the Meal: Michelle Sever Reflects On Her Use of Recognition to Keep Employees Happy and Energized

In describing the ideal cadence of formal and informal recognition, HR Policy and Compliance Programs Director Michelle Sever employs the perfect metaphor.

“I see formal recognition as a meal,” she explained, “whereas I see informal recognition as the snacks that keep you going until the next big meal. In this way, I see informal recognition as something which fuels you — keeps you going — regardless of what kind of a day you’ve had. Even on our best days, we always appreciate that little bit of energy, and this is the power of informal recognition.”

Commenting on what these bite-sized appreciation might look like, Michelle has a few ideas. Informal recognition, she explains, could be anything from a simple handwritten thank you note to something like stationery or even a chocolate bar. Michelle also thinks of recognition as adjusting schedules so employees can have the time off they deserve or simply remembering a career anniversary or birthday.

The options are limitless and the impact can be extraordinary.

“From a leadership standpoint, recognition demonstrates that you really care not only for what the employee contributes to the organization, but you also care for them as a person,” Michelle said. “Recognition reinforces that their work is important in their area and to the organization as a whole. Through recognition, we can demonstrate that a colleague is valued, needed and cared for. I’ve seen recognition of someone’s work and dedication help them stay engaged by feeling valued and acknowledged.”

And while a simple act of kindness — like a verbal check-in or a sweet treat — may seem like nothing in your eyes, it could easily make your employee’s day.

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  • Marcshia said:

    Feeling appreciated speaks to our professional and personal core. It helps to maintain the connection between the organization and the employee.

    PMSun, 12 Mar 2017 20:03:48 +0000Sun, 12 Mar 2017 20:03:48 +0000pm17,8:03 pm

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