The Summer/Fall 2022 PJI Journal Is Now Available

Monday, June 20, 2022

The Peace and Justice Institute (PJI) is happy to announce that the Summer/Fall 2022 edition of the Peace and Justice Institute JOURNAL is out, with articles covering a variety of topics.

In this issue, you will read about Part-time Faculty, New Student Experience and Lead PJI Facilitator Hank Van Putten’s life and his efforts on anti-racism, including his TEDTalk: “When It Comes to Racism, Are You a Non or an Anti?”

“As an anti-racist educator, it is critical for folks to understand three things: anti-racism is a verb; anti-racism is not just about the black/white dichotomy and anti-racism is not just about racism. Who is present at the table? Whose voice is here? Whose voice needs to be here? What can I do to bring that voice to the table?” shared Hank referring to the meaning of “All People, All Voices, All Matter” to him.

The issue also includes articles about domestic violence, conflict resolution through peace studies knowledge, the power of asking honest and open questions, and PJI’s partnership with the School of Public Safety to build a more resilient community, among others.

Peace and Justice Institute Director Rachel Allen highlights how PJI’s work and learning experiences invite participants to find their voice, using practices and processes proven effective with tens of thousands of individuals from multiple sectors in Central Florida and beyond.

“Since its inception, PJI’s vision and mission have honored the dignity, identity and integrity of all people. This requires a commitment to understanding the self and others, respecting differences and acknowledging unconscious bias that can interfere with our human connection. Providing windows into the lives and history of all people, regardless of their race, gender, religion, ability, sexual orientation, philosophy and perspectives brings us closer to one another, to our nation’s aspirational vision that all people are created equal, and our universal human need to belong,” says Rachel in the letter from the director.

“In a larger framework, we believe the work of PJI lays the foundation for what is needed in a thriving world. While we watch on the geopolitical stage what can happen when autocratic oppression engulfs a country, as we are witnessing with the assault on Ukraine by Vladimir Putin, we are reminded that one leader’s actions can cause violence, and massive physical and emotional trauma, while respect for freedom of opinion and expression, and freedom of choice leads to peace and justice. We note worrisome impulses in our country that urge us to attend to our shared humanity, which is by design fragile, requiring an educated and engaged citizenry,” she shares.

You can read the full issue of the JOURNAL by clicking the button below:

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