Unity Message Shared at Pulse Remembrance on East Campus

East Campus students, faculty and staff gathered in solidarity on Monday, June 12, 2017, for a special memorial service to remember the 49 victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting.

Stacey Johnson, campus president, East and Winter Park, shared with the attendees, “We stand together today to never forget; we stand together to remember our grief; we stand together to remember our loved ones; we stand together to remember our students; and we stand together, with resolve, to use love and peace in the place of death and hate.”

In remembrance of the Pulse incident where seven Valencia students lost their lives, East Campus dedicated a special area of reflection in the East Campus Library where visitors have access to resources that provide a greater understanding about the lives and works of our LGBTQ community. Chris Cuevas, academic advisor, student disability services, shared, “I am constantly inspired by this community. I am renewed by the courage that we exude as we continue to move forward, working to rebuild what was once broken.”

Under the direction of Carla Delvillageio, adjunct professor, music, and John Clayton, music department assistant, the opera theater workshop choir opened the memorial service with a moving performance of “Heroes All Around” and closed it with “Alabanza from In the Heights.” Click the image below to watch the performance.

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