Valencia EDGE – Changes Coming Soon

The Valencia EDGE, our comprehensive, competency-based, employee development program, will be upgraded to a new interface on Tuesday, January 22.

The enhancements to the interface will allow all employees to quickly and easily browse and register for a vast array of professional development courses. Moreover, you will have access to your own customized transcripts, as well as the transcripts of your team to assist in the annual Performance Development Process (PDP).

Through this is robust new system you will be able to:

  • Access the complete Valencia EDGE Catalog
  • Browse, search and register for both classroom and online training
  • Suggest training for individual team members
  • View training progress from a user-friendly, customized dashboard

The Valencia EGDE is designed to complement and connect with the PDP. When the goals and objectives set during the PDP process are coupled with regular coaching and feedback, together you and your employees can select targeted workshops and online courses to help build upon competencies and strengthen a wide range of skill sets.

Attention Deans: Faculty should continue accessing the Faculty Development website to learn about and register for current course offerings, certifications, and more.

If you have any questions or would like additional information about the Valencia EDGE, please contact Jenny Charriez, director of employee development, at or extension 8250.

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