Valencia Invites Feedback on FLSA-Driven Policy Changes: Benefits and Terminal Pay


In response to the new Department of Labor (DOL) Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulations passed over the summer, Valencia is making necessary adjustments to be in compliance with the new mandates before Thursday, December 1, 2016. As explained in the Total Rewards meetings held during September, Valencia is using the changes as a catalyst to reform practices and policies to conform to the updated regulations and maintain excellence in student learning and community impact. As such, 26 Valencia policies will be amended, repealed or consolidated accordingly.

The first two articles in this series provided an overview of employee contracts, performance evaluations, degree recognition, and compensation and hours of work. This is the last of the three articles related to upcoming policy changes in which you will be able to provide your feedback.

Our third and final article features policy updates on benefits and terminal pay, as well as policies that are no longer applicable and, therefore, are being repealed. Each of the policies and their proposed changes are summarized below. For specific policy information, you can click on the policy name for a link to the referenced policy.

College Policy 6Hx28: 3C-08 Insurance: Comprehensive Medical and Life Program

  • New policy name — College Policy 6Hx28: 3C-08 Total Rewards: Employee Benefits
  • The policy and procedure will be updated to reflect current health insurance programs for eligible employees to include clarifying language on topics including, but not limited to, initial election of benefits, annual open enrollment, coverage, deductions and separations from employment.

College Policy 6Hx28: 3F-02 Terminal Pay 

  • The policy statement language will change references to the word “termination” or “terminates” to “separation” or “separates.”
  • Procedure language will be updated to reflect terminal pay in alignment with new employee categories.
  • Language will be removed on employees filling grant-funded positions hired on or before June 30, 1988, since there are no current employees who fall under this category.
  • Clarifying language will be added about applicable leave payments made to separating employees after successful completion of outprocessing in accordance with College Policy 6Hx28: 3F-01 Outprocessing of Employees.
  • Language will be added to include the current 403(b) special pay plan.

In conforming to the updated regulations, the following policies are no longer applicable or clarified in other policies and are being repealed:

We value your thoughts and want to give each of you an opportunity to review and provide feedback on the proposed policy updates. You may provide your thoughts on the proposed policy changes by commenting below or contacting:

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