Valencia Invites Feedback on FLSA-Driven Policy Changes


In response to the new Department of Labor (DOL) Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulations passed earlier this summer, Valencia is making necessary adjustments to stay in compliance with the new mandates before Thursday, December 1, 2016. As explained in the Total Rewards Meetings, which are being hosted through Friday, September 30, 2016, Valencia is using the changes as a catalyst to reform practices and policies to conform to the updated regulations and maintain excellence in student learning and community impact. As such, 26 Valencia policies will be amended, repealed or consolidated accordingly.

This is the first of three articles related to upcoming policy changes in which you will be able to provide your feedback. The following gives an overview of the changes to the policies pertaining to contracts, performance evaluations and degree recognition. Each of the policies, and their proposed changes, are summarized below. For specific policy information and changes, you can also click on the policy name for a link to the referenced policy (with outlined changes if applicable).

Contracts and Performance Evaluations Policy Changes

A new staff salary system is being implemented that will no longer include contracts, or a contract renewal/non-renewal process, for employees who were previously designated as professional employees. As Florida Statute 1012.83 (Contracts with Administrative and Instructional Staff) requires that contracts be issued for administrative and instructional employees, this salary system change will not impact administrative and instructional staff, who will continue to receive contracts per Florida law.

As a result of this change, the following College policies require amendments:

College Policy 6Hx28: 3C-06.1 Contracts for Administrative, Professional and Instructional Personnel

  • Policy name and statement will be updated to reflect those positions that will receive contracts.
  • Policy statement language will be updated from the word “personnel” to “employees.”
  • Note: This policy does not impact faculty.

College Policy 6Hx28: 3E-01 Full-Time Personnel Performance Evaluations

  • Policy name and statement language will be updated from the word “personnel” to “employees.”
  • Some policy statement language was slightly revised to reflect the overall purpose and moved to procedure as a more appropriate area.
  • Note: This policy does not impact the existing college policy for faculty, 6Hx28:3E-02, Award of Tenure and Evaluation of Tenured and Track Faculty.

College Policy 6Hx28: 3F-03 Suspension, Dismissal, Return to Annual Contract or Non-Renewal of Contracts

  • Policy statement will be updated to remove specific types of employees and reflect more generally on any employee on an employment contract.
  • Employees on contracts may formally challenge recommendations to terminate employment and the internal process is outlined in the procedure. Tenured faculty have the option of either choosing the internal process or may choose an external process, as provided by Section 120 of the Florida Statutes. Those processes have not changed and only procedure language was adjusted for clarity on those processes.

Degree Recognition Policy Changes

Currently, the College recognizes advanced degrees for faculty, administrators, professional staff and employees on the technical pay schedule. Career staff employees do not receive any compensation for advanced degrees earned. The College recognizes that all employees contribute to student success and should feel included and valued by the organization, leadership and colleagues. As such, there are currently two policies that need adjustments:

Both of these policies are going to be consolidated into one policy with the following adjustments:

  • New policy name – College Policy 6Hx28: 3C-04 Total Rewards: Recognition of Full-Time Employees for Educational Advancement
  • The existing policy and procedure for instructional personnel receiving advanced college credit will remain the same in the new policy; therefore, faculty are not impacted.
  • The new policy will provide a one-time monetary award and recognition for all staff who earn advanced degrees from a regionally accredited institution. (Monetary award will only be applied to the first advanced degree of its type. For example, employees may not receive a monetary award for their second master’s degree.)
  • Transition plan for full-time administrative and professional employees currently pursuing an advanced degree: If a current employee has an approved plan of study in place as required by current policy and the plan is documented in Organizational Development and Human Resources as of Monday, October 31, 2016, the College will honor the current percentage increase provided the degree is conferred no later than Tuesday, December 31, 2019.
  • Full-time administrative and professional employees planning on returning to school for an advanced degree beyond what is required for their current position and who do not submit a plan of study to Organizational Development and Human Resources by Monday, October 31, 2016, will follow the new process. (Note: the new process of creating an approved plan of study will be communicated in the near future.)

We value your thoughts and want to give each of you an opportunity to review the proposed policy updates and provide feedback on them. You may provide your thoughts on the proposed policy changes by commenting below or contacting:

Read The Juice about other upcoming policy changes and for an opportunity to provide your feedback.

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