Valencia Policy Spotlight: Personal Leave


sliceIn an effort to support supervisors in effectively leading their teams, this new column has been created to offer additional guidance, information and resources regarding Valencia policies. Each month, Leslie Bissinger Golden, assistant general counsel, will showcase one policy and provide an in-depth look at policy background information, key updates and tips for the practical use and application of Valencia policies.

Featured Policy: Leave for Personal Reasons Policy: 6Hx28:3D-07.1

Effective Date: Originally adopted in 1974

History: Revised in April 2013

Background: The policy was established to address situations that arise in an employee’s life for which time off from work will be needed that do not fall squarely into the categories of sick time or vacation time, and this Policy authorizes employees to use up to four days of sick leave for these purposes. The law does not require this leave.

Leave for personal reasons is not additional leave; rather, it is authorization to use a certain number of sick leave hours for personal matters.

Although it appears as a separate category of leave both in the Policy and on an employee’s leave balance screen in Atlas, when taken, leave for personal reasons is deducted from an employee’s sick leave balance. A full time employee may use only four days of sick time for personal leave per year.

Policy Language: 

“A maximum of four (4) days per fiscal year may be charged against accrued sick leave for personal reasons.”

Examples of Practical Application: Upon arriving at work one morning, a supervisor receives a message from her employee that the employee’s car has broken down and she will need to spend the day getting it towed and fixed. After returning to work the next day, the employee submits leave for personal reasons. The employee has 20 hours of sick time available and has taken three days of personal leave this year. The use of leave for personal reasons is appropriate and eight hours of time is deducted from the employee’s sick and personal leave balances. The employee may take the rest of her sick time for illness, but may not take any more leave for personal reasons this year.

Important Tips:

  • Every employee at the College has four days of personal leave per year, regardless of their position or the length of their tenure at the College. While sick time rolls over from year to year, leave for personal reasons does not. At the start of each fiscal year, each employee has four days of personal leave available and must use them during that year. Regardless of how many of those days are taken, each employee will start off the next fiscal year with four days of personal leave.
  • It is important to ensure that employees identify leave for personal reasons and do not record the leave as sick time. Accuracy is needed to properly track the number of personal days an employee has taken, as well as the hours an employee is actually sick since it may have implications for FMLA, Workers Compensation or other leave balances.
  • Leave for personal reasons under this policy is separate from Personal Leave Without Pay under Policy 3D-07.2, which may only be sought after all paid leave has been exhausted.

All Valencia polices, legislative updates and information can be found on the office for policy and general counsel website. For questions or additional information about leave processes and procedures, please contact Bettie Cooper, director of payroll services in Human Resources at or at extension 8028.

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