Valencia Staff Association Leaders Elected

A Message from Donna Kosloski,Valencia Staff Association Launch Board President and Institutional Research Analyst

As the Valencia Staff Association launch board president, I’m happy to inform you that Valencia Staff Association leaders have been elected.

Please leave a comment below to welcome and congratulate the following incoming staff association leaders:

Collegewide Valencia Staff Association:

  • President: Harold Flecha, Manager, Poinciana Campus Operations
  • Operations President Elect: Christina Rigel, Academic Advisor
  • Communications Coordinator: Jodi Staller, Osceola Campus Manager, Evening and Weekend

East Campus Valencia Staff Association:

  • President: Jon Taylor, Administrative Assistant, Academic Dean
  • President Elect: Susan Howard, Coordinator, Academic Affairs
  • Secretary: Abby Nobili, Assistant Director, Transitions Panning

Osceola Campus Valencia Staff Association:

  • President: Makendy Jacob, Student Services Advisor

West Campus Valencia Staff Association:

  • President: Luisa Sersch, Coordinator, Employee Development
  • President Elect: Alexandra Rosado-Cabrera, Functional IS Support Specialist

Furthermore, please join me in thanking all of the Valencia Staff Association board members for all their hard work building the new staff association.

Valencia Staff Association Launch Board:

  • President: Donna Kosloski, Institutional Research Analyst
  • Past President: Kari Makepeace, Coordinator, Academic Planning and Support
  • President Elect: Mindy Mozena, Director, Student Services
  • Communications Coordinator: Max Arb, Manager, Osceola Campus Operations


  • Benjamin Lopez, Coordinator, Program Advisor
  • Carla McKnight, Director, Organizational Development and Human Resources, West Region
  • Celena Ziems, Assistant Director, Advising
  • Deborah Xavier, Executive Assistant, Senior
  • Krishendaye Brissett, Curriculum Support Specialist
  • Leah Fowlkes, Navigator, Organizational Development and Human Resources
  • Lisandra Suarez Lopez, Director, Organizational Development and Human Resources, Osceola Region
  • Mario Richardson, Coordinator, Career Program Advisor
  • Marta Schmucke, Manager, Laboratories
  • Noelia Maldonado Rodriguez, Coordinator, Institutional Advancement
  • Ozella Knox, Implementation Coordinator
  • Rose Quiles, Assistant Director, Organizational Development and Human Resources, West Region
  • Ruth Ridore, Director, Organizational Development and Human Resources, East Region
  • Shelby England, Coordinator, Employee Communications
  • Sothy Kien, Instructional Lab Supervisor
  • Susan Dunn, Manager, Credit Programs

Both groups have been a vital part of establishing and sustaining the Valencia Staff Association, which serves as a voice for positive change and innovation.

The new leadership team members will represent their colleagues and contribute to conversations regarding college governance, professional milestones and achievement, advancement and growth in hopes of encouraging a culture of collaboration, service, scholarship and outreach. There are several key areas of focus:

  • Express appreciation
  • Build community
  • Exchange information
  • Engage the community
  • Support inclusivity
  • Foster growth and development
  • Be a voice for positive change and innovation

The Valencia Staff Assoication will benefit staff in many ways, such as:

  • Leadership opportunities
  • Build College/campus community
  • Inclusivity
  • Opportunity to be a change-maker
  • Access to “hot off the press” information that is vital to you and your colleagues
  • Be a voice – chance to “have your voice be heard”
  • Amazing networking opportunity

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