Valencia’s Essential Supervisor Competencies – Your Keys to Success

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to take part in the Essential Supervisory Competencies Certification Program. This newly developed program was created for supervisors at all levels, and is designed to strengthen supervisory skills in five essential competencies: Communication, Collaboration, Manage Performance, Create a Culture for Employee Success, and Planning.

About the Competencies

In March of 2011 two advisory panels, a group of 15 career staff supervisors and 14 professional staff supervisors, met on separate days to discuss and establish a set of essential competencies for Valencia’s supervisors. Joan Tiller, our former AVP of Workforce Development and current Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs, facilitated the discussion on both days using the DACUM facilitation process, which she has perfected over the years through her curriculum development work. Each group was tasked with identifying the key competencies needed for supervisors to be effective. Interestingly, through this process, both advisory panels identified the same top five competencies. Both groups also defined the behavioral indicators that demonstrate proficiency in each competency. The five competencies are:

These competencies are by no means an all-inclusive list of everything that an effective supervisor needs to be proficient in, but represent the key areas that lead to success. For more information, please contact Erin Tuttle at or at extension 8257.

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