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Monday, September 21, 2020

Do you ever wish you could use high-quality video in a professional setting to more effectively reach your audience? Do you need assistance editing video, creating animations and graphics and improving the quality of your audio or video recording? If so, Valencia Productions is here to help with these and instructional video production needs.

Whether you are an instructor seeking to create more engaging lessons or a staff member working on a “how-to” video or seeking to share a College resource, the Valencia Productions team has added or modified its services to help you in a remote setting.

These include:

Video Coaching Conversations

These personalized, one-hour Zoom sessions can coach you in a remote setting and are ideal for faculty or staff who need to produce videos at home and are looking for ideas or solutions to their unique needs. These one-on-one sessions will cover:

  • Learning outcomes and video objectives;
  • Structure and approach;
  • Audience engagement;
  • Selecting and preparing your production environment;
  • Recording high-quality sound;
  • Microphone selection and placement;
  • Lighting and learning to utilize available light;
  • Developing an on-camera presence;
  • “Guerrilla filmmaking” techniques to help you make the best of what’s available to produce high-quality videos; and
  • Distribution tips for use via Kaltura, a video hosting platform unique to Valencia, or Valencia Productions’ YouTube.

Remote post-production services

These services are ideal for employees who have assembled all the multimedia elements needed for their final product but need help putting them together to create a cohesive video. For example, Valencia Productions can assist a faculty member who recorded a video but needs assistance with adding graphics, editing out superfluous content or fixing performance areas.

To assist with these needs, Valencia Productions has created a Dropbox account that allows employees to transfer assets such as video, audio, scripts and graphic files. Once the content is received, the team can then edit the videos and host them within Kaltura or YouTube.

To view some of the projects the Valencia Productions team has created, visit its Facebook page.

To schedule a Zoom coaching session or book a post-production appointment, please contact Michael Maguire, operations manager, video productions, at or at 407-582-5000, extension 1814.

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