Welcome Steve Mammino, Manager of Risk Management

steve-mammino-groveA Message from Paul Rooney, Assistant Vice President, Safety/Security and Risk Management

You’d pretty much need to have your head in the sand to not have seen the popular Allstate commercials that portray “Mayhem” personified. The slip and falls, faulty equipment and natural disasters that all represent potential risks are creatively and often humorously portrayed.

Yet risks and “mayhem” for an institution as large as Valencia are hardly a laughing matter. Enter Valencia’s newly-hired manager of risk management, Steve Mammino.

Steve will work to mitigate potential risks for Valencia and will work closely with the Florida College System Risk Management Consortium based in Gainesville. He will be managing claims and keeping track of the assets owned and used by the College.

High on his to-do list is looking at certificates of insurance for people who are paid to work at campus facilities.

“People will start to see changes in this regard,” he shares. “We will be asking more people to provide certificates of insurance. This is necessary to not only protect the people and companies coming here to work but also to protect the College from negligent acts by others.”

While this is not a new process, Steve says, “We may be requiring it more than has been done in the past.” He can be helpful in identifying sources for insurance coverage, if needed.

Translation: don’t shoot the messenger — it all boils down to one thing: protecting the College from liability.

The good thing is that all employees can help with risk management, no matter where they sit in the organization.

“What can be most helpful is to be aware of your surroundings. If you see safety issues, in your work area or on campus grounds, let me know,” says Steve. “We can look at it and get things in motion to get it fixed before it becomes a more serious issue.”

Toward that end, Steve has an open door policy and welcomes emails and phone calls.

When asked what “success” will look like for him in this role, he explains that “success is having fewer or no claims or lawsuits, and protecting the College’s assets through risk mitigation  measures that have been put in place.”

Prior to joining Valencia, Steve was employed at the University of Central Florida for more than 19 years, where he managed programs in all aspects of environmental health and safety, including radiation, asbestos, lead, mold and indoor air quality. He also served as the University’s risk manager and insurance coordinator. A veteran, he proudly served in the U.S. Navy for 13 years as a hospital corpsman and preventive medicine technician.

Steve received a Bachelor of Science degree in health care management from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, a Master of Public Administration from UCF and a certified risk management certification.

To contact Steve, email him at smammino@valenciacollege.edu or call extension 3860.

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