Welcome to the Poinciana Campus: A Unique NSE Model

As we celebrate the opening of our new Poinciana Campus, we introduce a weekly series that will feature important information about this newest Valencia addition. This week, we’ll take a look at the campus’ unique approach to the New Student Experience.

If you visit the new Poinciana Campus, which welcomed its very first students yesterday, you may notice a few things that differ from Valencia’s other campuses. Among those differences, like its unique treehouse design for student areas, is the adoption of a new model for the New Student Experience (NSE).

At Poinciana, most full-time faculty teach at least one section of the NSE course. This enables faculty to teach a more diverse course load and empower students by facilitating additional relationship-building opportunities with their professors.

“Because of the importance of creating that personal connection and sense of being welcome on campus, we thought it would be a powerful model to try,” explained Osceola, Lake Nona and Poinciana Campus President Kathleen Plinske, who fondly refers to the team of Poinciana faculty as rock stars.

It’s natural, Kathleen explained, for students to want to approach their professors about the topics discussed in NSE, like career and educational pathways. Likewise, she says, faculty are naturally interested in engaging their students in these conversations. Through this new model, students and faculty alike will enjoy the opportunity to engage in these topics outside of their normal curriculum.

“I think faculty across the College are naturally interested in talking to students about what their passion is and what their purpose is,” she said. “The faculty seem very open to it, and even excited.”

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