West Campus Counselors are Here to Help You and Your Students

From Left to Right: Front Row: Jennifer Papoula, Fontella Jones and Remy Ansiello
Back Row: Tullio Bushrui and Celeste Henry

College is a time for personal growth, exploration of academic and social experiences, and newfound independence. But while college can be exciting, it can also be challenging. While stress, pressures and problems are a normal part of college life, some students struggle to cope with these issues, which may impact their performance and general well-being.

Sometimes, it’s very clear when a student is having difficulty coping and then other times, any distress can be masked with less obvious characteristics.

Luckily, our counselors have services to assist students in their educational goals. That said, this fall, counselors formalized their service program to students, which is known throughout the nation as “Care Management.” However, on West Campus, the program is called the West Care and Concern Initiative. This program provides consistent and comprehensive care for students experiencing academic, financial, emotional or personal challenges. Counselors work in tandem with other campus departments and community agencies to connect students to resources.

In addition, counselors also provide an educational component to support efforts that enhance the well-being of students — called the “Green Bag Campaign.” Through promotion and delivery of tips and strategies on academic and emotional fitness via classroom presentations, workshops and Green-Bag Express micro-teaching sessions, counselors encourage students to fill their bag to build their academic and emotional fitness.

On West Campus, we have the following counselors who are ready to assist struggling students:

For Personal Counseling

For Career Counseling

For students seeking services, please direct them to Student Services Building (SSB), Room 206.

Moreover, counselors are available to partner with faculty to support students in various ways, including:

  • Short classroom visits to share information on resources available to students;
  • Full-class session presentations;
  • One-on-one consultations regarding specific student situations; and
  • Faculty development opportunities to enhance your abilities to support students, which include:
    – LFMP3349: Supporting Students with Behavioral Concerns
    – LFMP3350: LifeMap Toolbox to Enhance Student Learning
    – LFMP3339: Fundamentals of LifeMap

To learn how to register for these faculty development opportunities, click here. For staff and faculty who seek additional information, please contact Jennifer Papoula at the above email address or phone number.

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