What You Should Know About HR4U

Thursday, December 16, 2021

A Message from Lauren Kelly, Director, Director, Equal Opportunity, and Trisha Whitmire, Assistant Director, Equal Opportunity

In our efforts to provide a single point of contact and timely support for frequently asked questions, several years ago, the Organizational Development and Human Resources (ODHR) team introduced HR4U, designed to remove the “guess work” on whom to call by providing a single point of contact for human resources inquiries.

Here are frequently asked questions and answers about HR4U.

What is HR4U?
HR4U is a shared email address and phone line — HR4U@valenciacollege.edu and 407-582-HR4U (4748) — that Valencia College employees may use for information and support for all of their human resources-related questions.

Who responds to HR4U and when are they available?
HR4U is monitored by ODHR colleagues between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, when the College is open. When Valencia is closed, or someone else is being assisted on the phone line, our colleagues will attend to any missed calls or messages as soon as they are able after the College re-opens or when they have completed assisting the caller. The team strives to deliver personalized support and high levels of customer service as its ultimate goal is to connect our colleagues to the person, information and/or resources they require.

What kinds of questions can HR4U help with?
You may have inquiries related to your paycheck, Employee Development Funds, time off, or other human resources topics and may be unsure of who you should contact when searching for answers to your questions. HR4U will route your question to the appropriate person so you don’t have to contact multiple people across departments to get the answers you need. HR4U staff may not be able to answer your question directly, but we commit to providing you with timely responses and ensuring your question is routed to those who can help you.

We encourage you and your teams to make HR4U your first point of contact for your human resources questions. HR4U Helpline: HR4U@valenciacollege.edu or 407-582- HR4U (4748).

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