Winter Park Faculty and Students Study Cross-Cultural Relations


A message from Stacey Johnson, President, East & Winter Park Campuses

Cross-cultural relations and improvisation were just a few of the assignments Winter Park students participated in during spring break 2015. The Winter Park Jeffersonian Track-Global Studies Program traveled to the Netherlands with 21 students and faculty program leaders Suzette Dohany, professor of speech; Jean Marie Fuhrman, professor of reading; and Val Woldman, professor of humanities.

In preparation for the trip, students Skyped with Dutch classmates at Koning Willem I College (KWIC) and developed interpersonal connections with the students, faculty and staff from KWIC.

The Dutch partners welcomed the Valencia honors group with open arms and hearts and provided a week of adventure, learning and fun. From improvisation classes, that challenged stereotypes and perceptions, to long bike rides through the beautiful countryside, students were able to develop cross-cultural exercises and relationships.

Honors student, Nancy Rupp stated, “I can honestly say that my life has changed as a result of this trip and the two years of preparation leading up to it. My attitude is different; my sense of national pride has shifted from ‘me’ to ‘we.’ Rather than me (or the USA) being the ultimate provider for the world, I am beginning to understand how important it is for us to be sustainable together.”

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