Meet the District Office Faculty and Instructional Development Team

fd-do-team-donna-groveLeft to right: Jenelle Conner, Erin O’Brien (Faculty Fellow), Page Jerzak, Donna Smith, Wendi Dew and Emilie Windham

Over the past seven months, you’ve been introduced to the Faculty and Instructional Development teams on West Campus, Osceola/Lake Nona Campuses and East/Winter Park Campuses, as well as the department’s Faculty Fellows. Now, we introduce you to the Faculty and Instructional Development team at the District Office.

Wendi Dew, Assistant Vice President of Teaching and Learning

wendi-dew-270w“In my current role as the assistant vice president of teaching and learning, I have the pleasure of leading the College’s faculty and instructional development programs for full-time and part-time faculty members, the broad strategy for online/hybrid teaching and learning and the development and implementation of strategic teaching and learning initiatives,” shared Wendi.

Wendi is most excited about the campus-based Faculty and Instructional Development teams who are housed in the newly-envisioned Centers for Teaching/Learning Innovation, which are there to develop new ways to support all faculty members in enhancing their practice, creating courses and curricula and implementing innovative ideas in support of student learning.

“I am also very excited to see the outcomes of our new conversations surrounding the Online Learning Plan, which involves celebrating our successes in online teaching and learning as well as devising new short-term and long-term strategies to enhance student success,” she said.

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Page Jerzak, Associate Director, Online Teaching/Learning

page-jerzak-270wPage Jerzak helps develop faculty members in online and hybrid teaching and learning and ensures quality and increased student success. Having taught face-to-face, hybrid and online courses, Page developed skills in instructional design, assessment, curriculum and program development over the course of her career.

“I think I have a unique perspective in that my experience includes being a full-time faculty member, a full-time instructional designer, a researcher and an administrator,” she shared.

Page, who began her career at Valencia in September 2014, has oversight for Online Teaching and Learning within Faculty and Instructional Development, which includes the Digital Professor Certificate and Quality Matters programs, in addition to faculty development courses related to online and hybrid teaching and learning.

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Jenelle Conner, Coordinator, Faculty and Instructional Development

jenelle-conner-270wJenelle Conner has been coordinator for faculty and instructional development for four years, thereby making her a senior member of the faculty and instructional development team.

“I’ve served in supportive roles at Valencia for nine and half years, and I am looking forward to that 10-year anniversary of when my first supervisor and mentor, Sharon Sorrough, administrative assistant, hired me as a part-time staff assistant in the communications division at West Campus,” said Jenelle. “Since then I’ve participated in the development and implementation of several College programs and initiatives including the Educator Preparation Institute, Foundations of Excellence, Career Staff Association Leadership, Institutional Assessment, Leadership AcademyDestination and now faculty and instructional development.

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Emilie Windham, Administrative Assistant

emilie-windham-270wEmilie Windham shares that it is her job to provide exemplary administrative support for Assistant Vice President of Teaching and Learning as well as all team members in the Office of Faculty and Instructional Development. This includes, but is not limited to, managing department budgets, processing travel reimbursements and office supply orders, arranging travel and scheduling appointments across multiple departments.

Emilie joined the team in December 2014 and seeks to create and strengthen both internal and external relationships through extraordinary customer service all while sharpening her knowledge of faculty development and Valencia College as a whole.

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Donna Smith, Administrative Assistant, Faculty and Instructional Development

donna-smith-270w“I love being a part of the Online Teaching and Learning division of the Faculty and Instructional Development department. Online learning provides flexibility, convenience and a student-centered curriculum, which is ideal for those who learn best with this approach. Valencia’s future direction with online teaching and learning is very exciting, and I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of it,” said Donna Smith.

Donna joined Valencia as a staff assistant II in October 2013. And in October 2014, she accepted a temporary administrative assistant position where she now works with the online teaching and learning division of the department.

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