A Look at the Global, Professional and Continuing Education Division Reorganization – Part II

A message from Lisa Eli, Assistant Vice President, Global and Continuing Education

lisa-eli-270wContinuing International Education has been restructured due to increased international student enrollment across both degree and non-degree programs and a desire to develop a strategic approach to developing global partnerships for incoming students in support of the College’s mission. Its new name, Global and Continuing Education, reflects a more centralized approach for recruiting and developing strategic partners and programs.

The Global and Continuing Education area provides oversight to International Student Services, Continuing International Education language programs, Continuing Education’s Client Service Center, as well as a newly formed department titled, International Student Recruitment and Global Engagement.

talia-popovski-270wTalia Popovski has been promoted from a manager position to director of this new department, which will support international student recruitment and the development of strategic partnerships and global workforce programs for incoming students, across degree and non-degree programs, including Continuing International Education.

As assistant vice president, Global and Continuing Education, I will support global initiatives and continuing education programs, while working collaboratively with leadership and key stakeholders.

The Global and Continuing Education areas of responsibility include:

  • Recruitment and student services for international students in both degree and non-degree programs, including Continuing International Education
  • Intensive English and ESL for Teens programs for international students
  • Short-term global workforce programs for international students, including the International Disney College Program
  • Language programs for the community, including ESOL, Spanish and Portuguese

GLOBAL-continuing-ed-ORG-CHART-button-groveThe Global and Continuing Education team is dedicated to supporting the College’s vision, values and mission by providing quality services and programs, additional pathways into the College and creating an environment that fosters cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

To read other changes happening within the Global, Professional and Continuing Education division reorganization, click here.


  • Alex Larzabal said:

    Good for you guys (and, perhaps needless to say, for the College and our students). Keep up the good work!

    PMTue, 21 Jul 2015 16:39:27 +0000Tue, 21 Jul 2015 16:39:27 +0000pm15,4:39 pm

    • Lisa Eli said:

      Thanks Alex!!

      PMTue, 21 Jul 2015 17:12:12 +0000Tue, 21 Jul 2015 17:12:12 +0000pm15,5:12 pm

  • Catherine Flores said:

    This is wonderful news! I have been following the continuous growth of this department and it's very exciting. Congratulations, Lisa!

    AMWed, 22 Jul 2015 08:58:10 +0000Wed, 22 Jul 2015 08:58:10 +0000am15,8:58 am

  • Lisa Eli said:

    Thanks Catherine!

    AMWed, 22 Jul 2015 09:47:27 +0000Wed, 22 Jul 2015 09:47:27 +0000am15,9:47 am

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