Accessing Network Resources for Your Employees

In an effort to simplify the process for requesting or changing network resource access for your direct reports, the Office of Information Technology has created a new tool in Atlas, which is similar to the Banner Security Access Request tool that many supervisors are already familiar with. You can access both of these tools by clicking on the “System Access Request” link in the Employee Support Channel under the Employee tab in Atlas.

Network Resources Access Request
With the new tool, supervisors can initiate a Network Resources Access Request for a new or current employee as well as review, add or remove network access such as:

  • Account Request & Change
  • Resource Groups
  • Distribution Lists
  • VPN Access
  • Group Access Requests
  • FTP Access

The Network Resources Access Request form works the same as the Banner Security Access Request (see below). You will be presented with the list of access your direct report already has, as well as the access you can request to make available for that user. Requests are reviewed and then processed by a Network Resource Administrator. Additional information and instructions are available in the Network Access User Guide.

Banner Security Access Request
Through the Banner Security Access Request process, supervisors can review existing Banner security assignments, create requests for new or additional access, or request removal of Banner security access for their direct reports. Additional information and instructions are available in the Banner Access User Guide.

To learn more, watch the Training Video Below, or check out the training session slides.

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