Budget, Procurement and Accounts Payable Updates

A Message from Oscar Cristancho Mercado, Assistant Vice President, Budgets and Analysis

With the majority of employees working remotely, the Budget, Procurement and Accounts Payable teams have been reviewing existing business practices to ensure they are aligned with a remote work environment. Our goal is to allow for flexibility while ensuring adherence to Valencia’s policies and procedures.

As Valencia makes the transition to online learning and working remotely, we have made important changes to our existing processes, including the development of a Remote Access Plan that clarifies our processes and provides solutions to existing practices that are not feasible in a remote environment. Listed below are reminders of important deadlines, along with key adjustments that have been made to our processes in an effort to provide flexibility and ensure that our vendors are being paid in a timely manner.

– Purchasing Cards (PCard) limits have been increased for all cardholders. The single transaction limit is now $2,000 and the monthly limit is $10,000.

– When purchasing items or making payments on invoices less than $2,000, we encourage the use of the PCard instead of requesting a purchase order.

– If you need to enter a requisition but don’t have access to Banner, you can now use the Self Service option located in Atlas on the Budget tab. Self Service is web based and only requires an internet connection. Instructions on how to use Self Service are available on the Procurement webpage.

– When making COVID-19 related expenses, please use Activity Code CV19 on requisitions or include it in the description section of the PCard reconciliation.

– We are temporarily authorizing the use of residential addresses when ordering essential items to support you in this new work environment. Only items paid for with PCard have this capability. Purchase Orders must continue to be shipped to a Valencia campus. All transactions shipped to a residential address will require written supervisor approval and justification to be attached to the PCard reconciliation.

– To avoid delays in processing invoices, the Accounts Payables and Budget and Procurement teams will work together to address discrepancies in order to minimize the number of Change Order Request forms.

– Electronic approval and digital signatures will be accepted on all forms, invoices and contracts. All forms are now fillable PDFs.

– Employees are encouraged to submit invoices immediately following receipt of items to accountspayable@valenciacollege.edu using a digital invoice approval stamp.

– Travel forms should be submitted as soon as possible to ensure that you receive travel reimbursement in a prompt and efficient manner.

– Tuesday, March 31, 2020, is the deadline for furniture quote requests. All requests must be submitted to Suzanne Crescioni, interior design space planner. Orders submitted after this deadline will not be accepted.

The Remote Access Plan located on the Procurement webpage provides additional details on how to process these documents remotely along with other important resources. Please visit the webpage regularly as we will update the page as needed to continue supporting our College community. If you need to reach our teams, please know that we are fully operational and can be reached at the following department emails.

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