Building 1-B Offers New Resources

A Message from Stacey Johnson, President, East and Winter Park Campuses

While dust and dirt were common sights over the summer in East Campus Building 1-B, progress was made as construction crews worked to renovate and construct new offices and classrooms. As the fall 2018 term started, faculty and students were welcomed back to campus with new spaces and technology.

Shared Valencia Faculty Office (Rooms 269 and 269A) — This area contains eight partitioned office areas where faculty can work and/or meet with other faculty and students. Professor of Digital Media Rob McCaffrey was the first faculty member to volunteer to relocate to this collaborative office space. In addition, a large sitting area provides a meeting area with a kitchen and tables for dining or additional meeting space. 

Three New Classrooms (Rooms 251, 266 and 271) — The three new classrooms contain state-of-the-art technology, including touch screens and writable wall boards. Two of the classrooms seat a maximum of 30 students, while the other classroom has seating for 26 students.

Faculty and Staff Lounge (Room 360) — This newly renovated space contains two computer stations, a refrigerator, microwave and sink. 

UCF Connect (Room 265) – For details on UCF Connect, click here.

Physics Suite (Room 258) — The new physics suite is full of new classroom innovations — from rolling desks and chairs to seat 24 students to writable wall boards and touch screen technology.

We’re excited to have this building back to fully operational and cannot wait to see the impact the new spaces have on faculty, staff and students.

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    Amazing work Roger Corriveau! I am so impressed. You have done it again!

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