Canvas Update — Compose Message Menu and Plagiarism Tool

A Message from Geni Wright, Director, Online Teaching and Learning

Our office is happy to share the following updates introduced to Canvas this month:

Updates to the Compose Message Menu

To help users locate a course when composing a message easily, Canvas is updating the Compose Message menu. Users will have two menu displays: Favorite Courses and More Courses (non-favorite courses).

Any courses that have been favorited manually via the Star icon display in the Favorite Courses menu — the same courses that display in the Dashboard. Active courses that are not a favorite display in the More Courses menu.

Long course names are truncated in the middle to help view the beginning and end of the name.

Users may have up to 20 active courses automatically added as Favorites. Any additional courses display in the More Courses menu.

Changes to the Plagiarism Reporting Tool

Canvas will release changes to the way plagiarism reports are displayed in the Canvas gradebook. For course assignments with the Unicheck plagiarism tool enabled, the similarity score is indicated by icons in the gradebook. Currently, colors blue, green, yellow and red identify the level of similarity within the document. The Canvas gradebook will now display the similarity by both color and shape.

Below is an overview of the new changes:

  • Error icon: the submission could not be submitted to the plagiarism service; please resubmit from SpeedGrader
  • Red half-filled circle icon: the similarityscore is between 20% and 60%
  • Green circle checkmark icon: the similarity score is between 0% and 20%
  • Solid red circle icon: the similarity score is higher than 60%
  • Clock icon: the submission is being processed by Unicheck

To view the actual percentage for a student’s submission, click on the assignment cell, and the grade detail tray will open, displaying the icon and similarity score percentage.

If a student submits multiple files, the grade detail tray will display the highest originality score. There will be a message indicating that the submission includes plagiarism data for multiple attachments, which can be viewed in SpeedGrader. SpeedGrader displays each individual file and the originality report for each file.

If you have any questions about these changes, please visit a Center for Teaching/Learning Innovation to meet with a faculty developer/instructional designer.

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