Chevy Carbon Reduction Initiative Project Wins Certificate


Valencia College was awarded an Innovative Partnerships Certificate for its role in the Chevrolet Clean Energy Campus Campaign to drive deeper energy efficiency and clean energy gains on its campus and in the community that lead to beneficial greenhouse gas reductions. Valencia was the sole community college and one of two schools nationwide to be selected by Chevy for the pilot carbon-reduction initiative program.

Valencia’s pursuit of clean energy efforts include installing more efficient building equipment to using renewable energy to power its operations. Chevy buys carbon credits resulting from the College’s voluntary greenhouse gas reductions (carbon reduction). The funding from Chevy, which is estimated to be up to $250,000 over three years, is intended to be used for additional energy efficiency projects at Valencia.

Said Allen Bottorff, assistant vice president, facilities and sustainability, “The College is recognized for its deep commitment to sustainability, investing in a myriad of strategies that are delivering impressive results. This partnership connects our vision with others who share a common purpose, and together our creative solutions will yield significant benefits for many years to come.”

And Valencia employees are part of this carbon footprint reduction.

“We manage our HVAC system more efficiently and continually look for opportunities to reduce consumption, said Patti Riva, operations manager, energy education. “From our holiday shutdowns and reconfirmation of activities in larger venues to consolidation of buildings on weekends, the savings add up. Because of the College’s efforts with strategic scheduling collegewide, we have exceeded our savings projections by $200,000 annually over the past two years and our reduction in consumption is part of the formula for how the carbon reduction credits are determined.”

The partnership between Chevy and participating schools, including Valencia, was also selected by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Center for Corporate Climate Leadership as its “Top Project of the Year” for efforts to help U.S. colleges further reduce their carbon footprint.

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